33 First request

Abigail had aimed to at least do one of the things she had listed every day, because if not, she would not be able to complete her list. She knew she had to at least wait to familiarize herself with him but if she wanted to finish the list she must do at least one everyday in these 31 days.

Alexander was utterly speechless. He couldn't believe this girl at all. Was she really not fearful of him at all? How could she be like this? She actually made a list? A daily goal? And he was involved in her quest for experience and knowledge? Was she only using him to complete these things on her list? Was that why she wanted to be his girlfriend so badly? Alexander could only smile in disbelief.

But for some reason, he also felt curious. What were these things on her list? Could it be that this little lamb was much more daring than he thought?

"Fine, but I can't guarantee whether I will agree to it or not. Now tell me."

Abigail stared deeply into Alexander's eyes before she opened her mouth.

"Play a video game with me," she said and what greeted her after her words was just utter silence.

". . ."

Alexander was dumbstruck. He looked at her with a quizzical expression because he couldn't tell from looking at her whether she was serious or not. When she didn't jump out and follow her statement with an "I'm joking! haha", he saw that she was more than serious and he smiled at her smugly. He couldn't believe that this girl's first ever request would be something like this. What the hell was this little lamb thinking?! This girl was just utterly unfathomable in his eyes.

"What? Are you a gamer?" was all Alexander said. His eyes remained fixated on her, as if he was still dissecting every little expression she made.

"No, but I want to experience playing a game with my boyfriend. I think it looks fun so it made it to the list as one of the things I'd like to experience," she explained. From all the things on the list she had, she chose this because apart from being one of the easiest, she thought that this was the perfect way for her to get familiar and comfortable around him. She thought that it would definitely help her to at least loosen up her stiff nerves around him. Plus, it was the truth. She included this on her list because she really found this quite romantic. Playing a game with one's boyfriend was such a romantic gesture, since she always swooned everytime this scene appeared on tv or in the books she was reading.

"Oh right! I need to work hard to make you agree, don't I?" Abi snapped before Alexander could speak. "Ah, do you want a massage?" she asked and without waiting for his response, she hastily moved to stand behind him and started massaging Alexander's shoulders.

Alexander was speechless. He really could not comprehend what went through this woman's brain. She was like an alien! What was the use of trying to decipher her when she made no logical sense!

As he was internally moaning about her, the fact that she was massaging him, that she was touching his body finally registered in his mind. Her touch was firm and fluid and he actually felt his muscles relaxing under her ministrations.

"C'mon, it's an easy request. Just play a game with me. If you agree, I'll massage your back too!" She urged enthusiastically.

Although her massaging skills weren't bad and even admitted to himself that he quite liked it, a solid "No," was still his answer.

Abi stopped the moment she heard his answer. She knew this wasn't going to be easy. She knew that Alexander Qinn wasn't the type of man who would easily mellow down and agree to her requests just like that. What should she do to melt this ancient glacier?

"Don't stop," he suddenly ordered, causing Abi to snap back to present. She was thinking about how to persuade him but this man was not even giving her enough time to think.

Abi still didn't move her hands. She could just feel that he had that damned smirk on his face again.

"You dare to disobey me? Huh? Little lamb?"

"I only need to obey you when I'm doing my duty as a girlfriend," Abigail blurted out without thinking and she instantly bit her lips after she said it.

"Abigail, this is one of my girlfriend's duties." The man looked sideways at her. His voice was domineering but Abigail didn't even flinch and immediately retorted.

"Mr. Qinn. I, at least, know that giving a massage is the job of a massage therapist, not the job of a girlfriend." She blurted this out so confidently as if she was stating a certain universal truth, causing Alexander to laugh a soft enchanting laugh. `This little lamb…'

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