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This book is one of the most interesting book ever. Just seven chapters and I am stuck in. The first chapters, talked about the pain of our weak female lead. She is not that weak but she is termed weak by others because she is a vampiress and doesn't want to drink blood knowing that the humans are the ones getting killed because of them. I love the way the author's brought in the past and the present together, it makes me so excited. Sometimes, I just couldn't hold my breath because of the diolgues. This book keeps me off my worries! It's not about the typical human lead and werewolf, it is about the vampiress lead and the werewolf. This is just the beginning and I am just so interested! I love the ML's names Lucifel. The FL and the ML will make good couples. Well, about Ethan, I feel Ethan needs someone to keep him down from his unnecessary harshness. He needs a mate, I want him to have one and stop disturbing our poor Hazel. About Micah... I love Micah too but Sometimes he doesn't have the calmness but still he is loving and I need him to stay with Hazel till!

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What am I even supposed to criticize on this book? Sigh, just 3 chapters in and I'm hooked. Starting from the good writing quality to amazing premise and interesting characters, the numbers of things needed to criticize are completely depleted. Although for some barely discovered errors, the writing quality of the author remains above average. The characters were well fleshed out, and very nice. Welp, the book is a rare gem and I'm a bit stunned. I have high hopes for this and hope the author keeps up the good work.


Author's Review here! (Author is shyಥ‿ಥ) Hellbound With The Cold Alpha is participating in a contest, I hope you can all support it with every bit of your power. What to expect? Of course, it is a fantasy book that includes vampires, werewolves, witches, dragons, and ones yet to come. There is no historical book without ballgowns or martial arts, you will see a lot of it here. Most especially the plot is immersed with mystery, secrets, superpowers/strength, politics, and so on. I hope you are ready to be immersed in the world I have created. The beginning chapters may seem a bit shady, but it gets better, I promise. And warning; This is not a light book, the world isn't light either way, so enjoy.


This is just the beginning and it looks like we are in the middle of the book where it gets so intense. I wonder how this author is able to rock the FL book this well while making a non-cliche idea this intriguing. This is a brilliant work and it calls for excellency in the nearest future. Keep it up, author.


From boluwatife this story is actu great and satisfying love this 🥰💕❤️


Hi there lovely! I'm not usually into romance novels but the synopsis of your book is great and eye-catching, it can definitely grab the attention of readers. While reading, I noticed that there are some words that were misused in the paragraphs. And honetly, I was a bit confused, maybe because I find your sentences to be sounding a bit weird? Especially when I was reading them out loud. But, that can be fixed though so it's not much. Aside from that, your story has great potential and I really hope that the FL will come out strong in your story. 😊😊😊 Well that's all, keep writing! Fighting dear Author.


As scary as Lucifel is, I think our FL is an equal amount of crazy.🤪 Read one to three and told myself to stop, but I just can't. It's worth my time ,so why should I? 🤷


Your story is really really good. So far I have read. No novel made me this much curious then yours. Although I have also took a part in carnival contest. But yours is the best one. Because the plot and story is new, intriguing. And the most I am curious is how it turn out between ML and FL. I will read it till the end. Good Luck for the contest!


This is a book with a lot of potential. I rarely praise books but when I do, it's well deserved. This is well written, almost zero grammatical errors and a few spelling errors which can easily be overlooked. Pacing is great, not too fast nor too slow, and the story development makes you yearn for more information. That alone is a quality a good book should have. Would I recommend? Oh, yes I will. You are doing a good job author. Keep it up.👍


Not a fan of vampire and werewolf novel but seriously,I love this book and will recommend it to all readers, The characters are easily recognize. Keep it up🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰


The story is something so new to me....... I like it...... The characters are intriguing. Recommended to fantasy lovers!!! Great job author!


Soo interesting. It really catches your attention. The description of the scenes, the dialogues, the emotions, all of them are fabulous. I loved reading it. Well done! Author I hope you keep it up.


Reveal spoiler


I'm seriously obsessed with this book. once again blood doctor had surprised me. nice one dear ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


This book is really interesting and the characters are also amazing. I'll read the book once it goes up to 100 chapter, so keep up the good work author :)