1 Prisoner

"He is a Psycho."

Life wasn't filled with roses, especially for Hazel. Who could have thought the chosen vampiress could be dragged on the cold floor layered with huge stones and sharp sands?

She whimpered as another round of ropes struck her back. By now, her pale skin was turning into the colour of a rose and there were not enough tears for her to shed anymore. She had shed all of them since. She wondered how a normal being could sit and watch someone in pain from dawn to dusk.

She lazily looked up, there were about hundreds of people surrounding her, some were laughing, some were hissing and a lot of them were throwing stones at her.

Her eyes went down again but then, she was shocked as someone dragged her hair upwards with full force. She screamed out loud as another round of pain laced her head. Blood dripped down her head to her face. She wondered if they truly wanted to turn her bald.

The more she screamed, the more their laughter heightened, and the more stones were stoned to her.

Her body had become so swollen that she wondered if the medicine she had taken would be able to counter the disease in her anymore, her muscles were already weak and it was even hard to lift an eye. Still, she persevered.

All that she could hear were noises. She could not easily understand what they were saying but she also did not need to understand. Without her being told, she knew she had turned into a laughingstock. She had not thought that fighting for her people was something as disgraceful as this.

She managed to look around her again but she was pushed to the floor, her chest collided hard with a metal she had not seen before her initially. Blood gushed out from her mouth as she felt a load of pain in her chest region. It was hard to lift herself. Perhaps, one of her ribs was already broken.

She gritted her teeth and exerted all her energy to free herself from the chains but they all pulled the chains at once as a rectification for her being too stubborn. She felt that all her limbs would be ripped apart if she continued being this stubborn. But she could not help her booming anger.

"He is a Psycho, Hazel. All you have to do is to bear all the pain. He is going to treat you as trash but you have to persevere, if you do this, you shall overcome them in no time."

Those words from her mother came like sudden lights in the darkness, those words were supposed to lighten her up but no, they did the opposite to her. She was not in the right sense to believe those words anymore.

All those words were lies.

White lies!

She felt betrayed by her own family even though she was the one who had sacrificed herself.

The enemies were many, and while they were as small as a pillar of ants, there was no way they wouldn't be killed at once if they were to wage a war against them.

No, they already had and the only people left were the injured and dead ones among them. Just because of this, she sacrificed herself.

She wondered what happiness these wicked creatures could derive from torturing her and beating her in front of their families. Were they so bored that they needed something to cheer themselves up?

"She is really hopeless and she dares to challenge?" She heard a voice from the crowd when she tried to guard her chest with her hands but the chains around her hands were pulled and she ended up hitting her face on the ground. Blood gushed out of her mouth and at the sides of her eyes but the injuries were fast gone like they had not even existed in the first place.

"That is not enough. She is really powerful."

"Vampires heal faster than we do, the pain is easily gone."

"I believe she truly needs more to keep her head down. I thought she was the weakest."

"We need to show them who leads and who follows."

"Why can't she disappear?" A sudden laugh boomed in her ears and her eyes heightened.

The last words annoyed the hell out of her, she looked forward to seeing that those words came out from an ugly, lanky woman.

How could she even? Were they senseless to think that vampires can disappear?

If they could, would she be lying hopeless right here? Or would her clan have to suffer from them?

People with this crude mentality should be dumped into the deep forest to be taken care of by Zebras because they were as stupid and useless as the letter, 'Z'.

She shot the ugly woman a glare, her brown eyes turned red and the lanky woman trembled.

If not for their men, they were weak assholes!

She looked at others again, she had no choice but just to stare, plotting in her mind how she would turn their blooming joy into a wretched smile.

She was sure going to make them living but dead ones. Just like what they call her and her people.

A smile crept on her cheek and just with that, she could see many people shouting. She was a bit happy, despite all sorts of dirties that she was going through. It was something crazy to feel in this position that she was but she knew all that she was doing. At least, she had planned everything before bumping into the pit of hell, herself.

She looked around again, she wanted to see whoever had demanded that she be brought here in the first place but he just didn't appear.

Very early in the morning, her father who was one of the best warriors and also closest to the royals had gone out with many troops to start a war that would catch the werewolves unexpectedly. It was something they had planned to do because they could not watch themselves being overpowered by the werewolves and they had also wanted to be the first strikers but unfortunately, their plans had fallen off the bat as the enemies attacked them with full force and speed like they had known what could happen.

The enemies took down two-thirds of the whole vampire clan and finally decided to have mercy on them. The ruler of the enemies had told them to sacrifice their female chosen if they did not want any war to break out again and Hazel, who was the female chosen had accepted without thinking twice.

She knew that not accepting their demand could make every one of them suffer greatly than the diseases that had already affected them, so she sacrificed herself to the enemies in hope that her people would not need to suffer anymore.

But now and here she was, regretting every action she took and then accepting it at the same time.

She was confused about what was happening and she thought that if things could proceed as it was going, she might just die without obtaining anything while the enemies would go back to wage a war and use another person as a laughing stock.

She wanted to make sure that she survived this. She promised herself that she would see to the end of this, no matter what but all these promises seemed to be failing just when she had not gone through anything.

"Gather the coal and put her in it. We need to ensure that the chosen ones are not immortals like they claimed."

With this, she heard loud footsteps decreasing from where she was, and before she knew it, those loud footsteps were coming nearer and surrounding her.

She knew what they were going to do. But she did not think she could take this any longer. They were planning to burn her, even knowing the fact that the mere sun was enough to turn her into clouds of dust.

She needed to prevent that from happening. She wasn't immortal and this would truly be the end of her if this happens.

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