231 Nightmare [Part II]

Sebastian could do nothing but act like a puppet. He would do anything that she wanted. His entire being was already blackened. There was nothing left to be burned and hurt within his soul any longer. He would just do everything she wanted to keep his sisters alive until his brother returned. 

That was all he had to do right now.

But in his mind, he had planned that after this, he was going to die with that monster if that's what it takes. He was going to be the one to kill her. He would give everything to bring her to hell. Even if it would take his life so he could drag her there along with him, then so be it. He was willing to be the collateral for it.

He sat at the corner of the filthy room when the monster was not there and thought of nothing but how to slaughter and torture her one day. Those scenes were the only things replaying in his head the entire time when he was not at the monster's beck and call, and he felt himself spiraling down into madness. 


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