233 Deadly


Elle could hear him screaming. Sebastian… 

Even in this pit of darkness, Elle could hear the agony and rage in his voice. It was breaking her heart into a million pieces. Because no matter how loud he screams, she couldn't seem to even do anything for him. All she could do was stay there in the dark, moving against her will. A puppet. 

She had tried to fight it. So many times… she tried. She'd fought to break free from whatever this thing that was controlling, from whatever this prison she was in. This thing couldn't be a nightmare. There was no way she's just having a nightmare. Everything felt too real to be one. The only thing that would make sense was… she must be under some kind of spell. 

This being a nightmare was more impossible to her than it being a spell. Yes, after everything that had happened, Elle could no longer even doubt these things that were nothing but fictional and superstitious to her not too long ago. 


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