Hell Revival: My Succubi Are Too Powerful Book

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Hell Revival: My Succubi Are Too Powerful

Modern Poet

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  • 40 Chs

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"Xu Ning transmigrated to a world where Hell was awakened and everyone was in a state of panic. What confused him, even more, was that there was an engagement with hell hanging in his home. There would be powerful succubus wives knocking on his door regularly. Moreover, they all wanted to “wring him dry”. Fortunately, the ring which he always brought along with him became his cheat engine. Fake secret cultivation manuals sold by an old evangelist became real. The goji berries that he bought from the Chinese medicine stall became a manhood restoration elixir. The kukri machete which he cherished as a collector's item became the bane of all ghostly creatures. But after some time, looking at his succubus wives lying on the bed, Xu Ning still felt like he had a long way to go. "


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