1 Beginning of damnation

At first, I thought it was a dream when the earth's atmosphere broke like glass, lines and lines of what seemed like a broken reality appearing out of thin air. Like reality has reached its limit and broken like a construct that seemed to be formed from only our imaginations, like a dream that was supposed to last for an instant but in this case, it seemed to last forever.


Earth, the year 3040.

Humans have reached the limit where we overstayed our welcome on earth. Welcome to earth where 21 billion humans occupy the earth surface and where the earth resources have reached their maximum, we have reached a critical turning point in our survival.

Scientists call it the start of human extinction but we all didn't know that we had reached the end.


May 1st 3043


"Scotland most famous scientist had just made a breakthrough, and it looks like our dreams of conquering space could now be a possibility". A woman with a tall slender figure said, putting on an air of professionalism as she wore a black business suit.

"Over to you Erwin," She said, looking at the man behind the screen to respond.

"What do you think of professor Jack freeman? and how far do you think this breakthrough would help humanity in their endeavours in space?"

The man behind the screen responded as he talked back facing the camera before him.

"Well Sophia, I think that professor Jack freeman's discovery on the theory of quantum displacement is indeed a discovery that would lead humanity to its dreams" He said clearing his throat as he added a pause.

"But not only that Sophia, as his revolutionary ideas on the light-years generator has caused a huge leap in the progress of the subatomic space machine. Thereby, shortening the number of years needed for us to explore space and stretching our survival indefinitely" He said, ending his speech.

"Well thank you, Erwin," She said, ending with a dramatic pause before moving on to the next topic.

"Next on our headline, with the upcoming united states election about to take place, the pressure on the congress has...…".


July 31st 3045

That was when it happened. My name is Elijah kingsman, I come from a family of 4, my mom, my dad, and my junior brother. We were based in the north district side of New York, We weren't rich or poor but you could say we were a medium well-lived family in the society.

My dad was an astronaut that worked under NASA, my mom worked in the navy as a lieutenant. Well you might be wondering with my dad working under NASA and my mom serving as a lieutenant in the navy, we could have gotten rich enough to live among the first-class citizens, but unfortunately, it started before ''CASTATROPHE ONE''. That was the first case of abomination that spelt our end, where 10% of kids of the age 10 to 15 and adults from 20 to 35 fell into a sleep-like comatose state with strange like parasites feeding off their blood and organs. We were among the first five cases in which at that time, it was classified as an unknown.

Thousands to millions of dollars have been spent just to find the cure but when scientists get too close to studying these parasites, they die instantly having their life force sucked out of their bodies as if classified as an unworthy host in a parasitic relationship.

The only result that was gotten was that these parasites or whatever their name is only affect those they deemed host and kill those that seemed unacceptable or incompatible as if they were bred to live off of one's body and strike down anyone that tries to separate them both. It was deadly, deadlier than the Naegleria fowleri.

It was insane but unfortunately only after a handful of scientists survived that the result gotten was deemed both useless as it didn't manage in discovering the cure and unacceptable because the worst was yet to come.



August 25th 3045

Over 30 per cent of the earth's resources were depleted, although it might not seem much. But with humans reaching the maximum capacity earth could carry, it was the worst anyone could think of, probably a nightmare.

Not even a week had passed and we were already done with half our planets resources and this was all due to the first catastrophe that happened where we incubated all the patients in a tight sealed vacuumed room with enough resources provided for their survival only the government knows what type of resources were provided, they planned on keeping their lips shut, even due to the oppression from the masses and media they refuse to speak on the matter and it seems they plan to keep it that way.



September 9th 3045

War, violence, violation of human rights, suffering and mental breakdown, World war 3 was no joking matter. All these happened when we humans were at our wit's end.

Scientists say Gaia has reached her limit, the government say that we must spread into space to continue civilization, religious believers, say buckle up thy faith, wash up thy sins, the end is near for thou have not come only to test our faith but also to strengthen our beliefs, thus the end has come. How ironic it's already clear that everyone is in the state of confusion with the governments coming together to prepare for a universal space trip, with scientists dying from their experiments, religious believers running amok with their so-called beliefs but I'm human too and everything seems to come out of an sc-fi movie so who am I to judge.



October 1st 3048

This couldn't even be counted as a catastrophe but "NO'' if it could be nominated as the worse calamity that befell us, humans, it would win with no competition. Why was it called the worst? Why could it topple against all former CASTATROPHE'S and still come out on top?

How ironic, why it could do all this was because this was something that shattered the reality of scientists that held on to the delusions of science been the totality of the universe both known and unknown, it made believers question their faith, made every head of the authority, superpowers of the world and even the government question the very existence of power.

Something that broke the last barrier of sanity that even I possessed.

But ironically it was just one question, one question that needed an answer, and that determined both our life and existence. Like a whisper of a voice as clear as a woman, a man and a child both happy, anxious, sorrowful and proud it sounded in every human mind on earth with an icon appearing out of thin air blocking the visions of all who could see, asking just one question.


''Do you believe in the one true god?"


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