Hell's Consort

"I will make you my queen." He grabbed the chains attached to the bed and closed the shackles around her wrists. "I'm the High Priestess. You can't—" Fear trembled through her mind and body. She couldn’t consummate this marriage if the Blood Beast truly decided to make her his queen. Luna must remain a virgin High Priestess in order to remain a vessel for Hecate's magic. "What are you planning to do?" “I will make you mine no matter what so that I can take control of the Vampire King's consciousness forever. He won’t be back anytime soon." Luna thought the Blood Beast was out of his mind for wanting to make the virgin High Priestess his mate. The consequences of that would… Her mind raced through all of the possible consequences. There was no way she could allow the Blood Beast to gain any more power. Especially if he gained that power by drinking the blood that was, laced with Hecate’s magic, running through her veins. She needed the Vampire King back. The Blood Beast moved on top of her body. He stopped when he was at eye level with her. The sudden intimacy was shocking, especially since she was tied down. Chest to chest, he removed her cloak and peeled off her flimsy dress. He growled. "If you struggle, I will rip your head off." +++ Luna was one of the few remaining Amazons who worshipped the goddess Artemis. As an Amazon, her ordinary life took an unexpected turn when a pack of rogue werewolves took over their home--the Sacred Valley. Left with no other choice, Luna flees into the nearest kingdom, the Vampire Realm, where she was captured to be part of the Vampire King’s Consortium. To avoid the fate of living and dying as a Harem girl for vampires, she offers to become the High Priestess and study dark magic in order to break the King's curse. If she is successful, she could request the King to grant her her well-earned freedom. There has not been an official High Priestess in the Vampire Realm for centuries. Not since the first High Priestess cursed the King to become the Blood Beast. When the Blood Beast tries to take the reins of the Vampire King's consciousness, the King was cursed to drain the blood and his victims' life force in order to pacify the other immortal inside of him. In order to try and maintain some semblance of control, the Vampire King is forced to maintain his strength and immortality by kidnapping women from all over the realm to be used for food and sex. But, what will he do when he finds a woman worth keeping, but he can't even touch her? Will he be able to control his hunger for blood and lust when he looks upon her delectable body? As the new High Priestess, Luna was able to become more powerful than ever before. As she did her best to break the Vampire King's curse, what will happen to her when the 'curse' latches on to her instead?

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+ High Priestess +

Cederic summoned the chamber's attendants to prepare Luna for the Blood Moon Banquet. He briefly excused himself to handle more pressing matters; his lieutenant had called him to personally greet guests and preemptively deal with potential threats, particularly rogue vampires, hunters, and other unwelcome supernatural beings.

When he left, the attendants unfurled a vast array of vials, pots, and bottles. They dusted her cheeks with genuine gold, accentuated her prominent Cupid's bow, and lined her large eyes with kohl. Luna hoped the cosmetics would mask the fresh bruises she'd received in her altercation with the were-leopard. A mix of lavender and jasmine fragrances enveloped her, a reminder that their main aim was to make her irresistible to the vampires.

Her patience was thinning, and she was on edge. Just as she felt she might snap from another indifferent touch, there was a knock at the door.

Cederic, possibly just back from dealing with potential adversaries, entered. "I'll take over," he told the attendants, making a shooing gesture. The attendants quickly wrapped up their work and retreated, leaving Luna and Cederic alone.

He motioned for her to sit. "Allow me to comb your hair, Lady Luna."

Before she could protest, he said, "It would be my pleasure." He leaned in slightly, seemingly taking in the scent of her hair. In the mirror's reflection, their eyes locked.

Reluctantly, she leaned back, hoping he'd treat her hair with care. Cederic's gentle strokes were methodical, his attention on her silver strands evident. Luna found herself relaxing, focusing only on the sensation of the brush gliding through her hair. It was unusual for someone of Cederic's status to be so engrossed in such a task, but his fascination was evident. This was certainly a more favorable situation than the reprimand he'd mentioned to Vali.

Gathering courage, Luna ventured, "I wish to become a High Priestess, Cederic."

He halted, looking at her incredulously. "Do you have a death wish?" His voice carried a mixture of concern and sarcasm. "Becoming a High Priestess is like playing with fate. If you can't break the Vampire King's curse within a year, you die. A High Priestess delves into dark magics, and if she can't fulfil the ritual's requirements..." He trailed off, taking a deep breath. "Dark Priestesses can easily be ensnared by malevolent forces. If they fail their purpose, they're executed."

Luna met his gaze. "I never anticipated being abducted into a harem for vampires with voracious appetites," she responded defiantly. "I've always embraced challenges. If my path leads to death, so be it."

Cederic's hands stilled, his eyes narrowing. "You believe it's that straightforward? Are you mad?" He carefully applied a fragrant myrrh oil behind her ears and on her neck. "No High Priestess has existed here for ages because the task is deemed insurmountable."

Luna clenched the armchair's arms, her nails biting into the fabric. "All I want is to leave this accursed place. My only desire is for the King to grant me that freedom. Being a plaything in this kingdom isn't my destiny. Not now, not ever, Cederic."

A hint of amusement touched Cederic's lips. "Yet here you are, considering breaking the Vampire King's curse for your freedom. But you've not even undergone the tests. To even begin, you'd need the Staff of Delphi's blessing, unlock the Ancient Witchcraft Ritual Book of Hecate with your own blood, and then help the Vampire King control his dark impulses."

"You'd train under a High Priest—an ancient and quite temperamental warlock. And trust me, the moment you meet him, you'll wish you were anywhere else."

He smirked. "The advanced lessons? Those you'll navigate on your own. The Book of Hecate remains a mystery, unopened since Lilith vanished. I'm eager to see what you might uncover. What sacrifices will the rituals demand? A noble vampire's pulsing heart? The tainted soul of a dark faerie? A human child? I anticipate it, provided you become the High Priestess, of course."

Luna squared her shoulders. "You might try to dissuade me, but my resolve remains. At the Blood Moon Ceremony, I'll make my stand."

His face hardened. "Do you not value your existence? How many years have you seen?"

She hesitated, then said, "I come from a place where time is an illusion."

Cederic frowned. "Immortal? But you bleed."

"Yet I heal at a rate unlike any human," Luna retorted.

His gaze traveled her form, lingering at the fresh bruises. "You are formidable, skilled in combat," he said, fingers brushing against her neck in a fleeting touch. Suddenly conscious of his actions, he withdrew. "Are you a demi-god?"

She shook her head.

"You're taller than our female vampires, stronger. You bested a wereleopard with sheer strength. But you seem... human," Cederic mused. A realization dawned in his eyes. "You're an Amazon, aren't you?"

Luna's lips curled into a smile, her eyes shimmering with mischief.

Captivated, he whispered, "I believed Amazons were myths. No one has ever claimed to meet one."

Luna responded coolly, "Just because people think we're legends doesn't mean we don't exist. Anyone who ventures into our territory never returns to tell the tale."

Cederic's face contorted with anger. "Why are you here, in our realm? A spy? An assassin? What drives you?"

With an air of regal defiance, Luna rose, the opulent skirts of emerald green and peacock blue billowing around her. The delicate fabric, likely crafted from the finest silks, shielded her modesty and gave an illusion of modest dress.

They stood in a silent standoff, the distant hum of the banquet below filling the pause.

Finally, Cederic asked, "Do you truly wish to be the High Priestess, knowing the dangers?"

Caught off guard, she murmured, "Yes."

"Then I'll support you, every step of the way," he said with a grin that reminded Luna of the sly Cheshire cat. "I swear it upon my deceased mother's resting place."

Suspicion clouded Luna's eyes. "What's the catch?"

"You'll owe me. When the time is right, I'll collect."

The foreboding in his voice sent a shiver down her spine.

A shadow fell across the doorway—Vali, the Head Eunuch, stood there, signaling that the Blood Moon Banquet awaited her presence.

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