The world has gone through a drastic change. People are blessed with heaven's blessings and are born with abilities. In this vast world, there are different persons fighting within themselves for different reasons. Aoki Arata - Ability unknown. Said to be the strongest. Weaker than the boss. Arsenal - space manipulation. Serves the boss. The boss -??? The battle that shook the gods, begins now! This story moves through different time periods and the characters, story setting, and everything else changes from generation to generation. The first generation is just a prologue.

Zoro_The_Dark · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
209 Chs


A long, long time ago, in the land of horror and dismay, there resided Hel. Her land itself was also called by the same name, Hel. Since childhood, she had the ability of the science of death. She saw her father fighting off other demons and brutally creating hybrids of two races. This was the factor that created a feeling of the need of learning science of death in Hel. When she was around 10, this was the time when she merged herself with a demon slave her father had. When she turned 20, she wandered many demonic lands, killed off the demons and merged the strong body parts of a less intelligent demon to the body of an intelligent yet weak demons. This became a passion for her. She embraced her fearful passion and decided to follow her dream, her dream of creating a fully fledged individual. After turning 30, she met Navertozwein. He was, by birth, a hybrid. She decided to learn more about the science of death and followed him till now.