The world has gone through a drastic change. People are blessed with heaven's blessings and are born with abilities. In this vast world, there are different persons fighting within themselves for different reasons. Aoki Arata - Ability unknown. Said to be the strongest. Weaker than the boss. Arsenal - space manipulation. Serves the boss. The boss -??? The battle that shook the gods, begins now! This story moves through different time periods and the characters, story setting, and everything else changes from generation to generation. The first generation is just a prologue.

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When Zhao flew away due to the force of Nyx's slap, she reached the edge of the battle stage. Since the battle stage was build on the top of the bones of a huge skeleton, the border surrounding the stage were the sharp pointed ribs of that same huge skeleton. As soon as she reached the border of that stage, one of the ribs of that skeleton penetrated her abdominal region. Since she fell on that rib by dark Gi and it's force exerted from Nyx's slap, she was injured much badly than she would normally had. Blood splashed out from the region where the rib was pierced. Her clothes and the bones of that skeleton were drenched in blood. The pierced side of the rib which pointed out of her stomach was covered with Zhao's intestines and other veins and arteries. From the region where she was injured, some of her bones were also visible. Those bones were cracked into small chunks. Seeing Zhao in such an unwatchable situation, Schwartz almost lost his senses. He shouted and screamed,


Nyx stopped smirking and got into a serious mood. She said,

"Schwartz. Do you know, why I am known as the goddess of night? It is because whoever is affiliated with me, he or she will never be able to see a nice morning. Only the night remains. You would be wondering how I destroyed the flames of Agnileos... It was because I have the power of Hypnos. Hypnos is my one of my many children. He is the deity of sleep, or in other words, hypnosis! Since he is my son, I can easily utilize his basic abilities of hypnosis. I am so strong that I can also control the power of my other children like Geras, Oneirai. Even the great Zeus fears me... But... How strong am I by myself? Hypnos earned his powers by me, but he surpassed me in the ability of hypnosis. If I am to fight by my basic abilities, only then there would be an interesting match between us, don't you think so too, the new heavenly swordsman?!"

Schwartz understood what she actually meant. He thought to himself,

"She would have killed me whenever she wanted to... She has such a great power... Hypnos, Gera Oneirai..."

He raised his head and shouted at her,

"What kind of crap is this?! If you are so strong then why are you fighting us!"

His divine Gi rushed into his fists. Unknowingly, he created a sword which was made of divine Gi into his right hand. This was not like his normal daggers or weak swords which were into a semi solid form, it started getting into actual shape and size.

It looked like a sword which would have dropped straight from the heavens. It was shining with Schwartz's divine Gi. The sword has its own aura, which was a mixture of red and yellowish colours. It was also slightly orange. The handle of sword had an emblem built on it. The emblem looked similar to a dragon, which was burning with flames.

After that sword was built completely, Schwartz's armour started breaking apart. In a few seconds, his armour was completely gone leaving him in his normal clothes.

"AAAAAAAH!!! Nyx! You asked for this!"

He shouted as he charged towards Nyx at a high speed by channeling his Gi into his legs. His eyes were shining brightly. This was for the first time that Nyx was ever afraid, or more like she felt inferior towards a being whom she considered lower than her. She said to him,

"My power of Hypnos can reduce the physical and magical power of anyone who is in five metres of my vicinity... Do you really that you can defeat me?!"

Schwartz was not in the mood of listening anyone. He did not heard any of her words. There was only one thing going on within his mind and it was to punish Nyx. Punish Nyx for her sins of dealing a life injury to his beloved Zhao.

As he charged at her, instead of defending herself, she used her ability of Hypnos. A loud whirling sound pierced the ears of Schwartz. After she used her power of Hypnos, everything around her vicinity of five metres seemed to be moving like turtle.

Whilst Schwartz tried reaching out for her, she walked away slowly from his reach. While walking, she thought to herself,

"Cheh... If only I could continue to use my ability for longer than seven seconds, I would have slayed him the moment the battle began..."


She steps slowly near Schwartz's arm with which he was holding the sword.


She tries to break the sword by exerting her dark force on it.


However, she fails miserably. The sword showed no signs of damage.


She was confused as well as angered as she thought to herself,

"This sword...! What the heck is the matter with it! Why won't it crack! Da*nit!"


She stepped backwards. She walked behind Schwartz's back in order to pierce open his stomach.


She was ready to attack him from his back, however! At the very last moment, Schwartz's posture started to change. He turned back as if he was anticipating her to attack him from back.


Nyx started sweating. She did not expected to change his attack posture at the very last moment. However, before her ability would reset back to zero, she channeled her dark Gi into her hands and prepared to defend herself from any attack which Schwartz might use against her. Her ability vanished as she exceeded the time limit of the usage of Hypnos. As soon as Schwartz got his speed and vitality back, he turned quickly and attacked Nyx with his divine sword. She used most of her dark Gi to defend herself. However, Schwartz kept on increasing his force and divine Gi onto the sword which gave him a winning hand into the battle. She was stunned as she shouted,

"How?! How can you create such a powerful sword?! How can you keep on increasing your force onto your sword!?! Just how?!!"

Schwartz was back to his senses as he realized that the battle is almost over, already giving him a assuring victory. He said,

"It's already too late for you to know the answer!"

Just with that, he pierced her palms along with her chest and finally piercing her heart with his divine sword. Her dark coloured blood splashed all over Schwartz's divine sword. After piercing her, he pulled out his sword from her chest. After that, she fell on the ground whispering,

"So... This is death... Hahaha! Guh!..."

She passed away after coughing up blood which leaked our because of her heart getting pierced by Schwartz's divine sword. Along with her body, Schwartz's divine sword also disappeared into the thin air.


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