The world has gone through a drastic change. People are blessed with heaven's blessings and are born with abilities. In this vast world, there are different persons fighting within themselves for different reasons. Aoki Arata - Ability unknown. Said to be the strongest. Weaker than the boss. Arsenal - space manipulation. Serves the boss. The boss -??? The battle that shook the gods, begins now! This story moves through different time periods and the characters, story setting, and everything else changes from generation to generation. The first generation is just a prologue.

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The first battle of the tournament was about to begin. Schwartz-Jung-Milo-Azaloth and Zhao Bao were about to battle the Khaos goddess of night, Nyx.

Before the beginning of the battle, Nyx had already given Schwartz a life threat. Zhao was standing beside Schwartz. Schwartz stared intensely towards Nyx. She looked down at Schwartz and showed off her deadly yet beautiful smirk. She said with that smirk on her face,

"Do you know that the Moirai and Eris were my children?"

Schwartz, who was approaching her, stopped moving when he heard her words. He felt guilty of killing Eris. But, he knew that Eris was glad when she died, because she was freed from the control of Navertozwein. He swallowed his guilt and continued walking towards her. Nyx thought that she would make Schwartz give up even before the main battle starts. She was a good person, and she actually knew that Schwartz had done a great favour to Eris by killing her. However,

"My image is painted dark. I am associated with all the sins of the world."

She said it herself.

Schwartz stopped walking once again. He raised his head and asked Nyx,

"What do you mean by that?"

She replied,

"I am attributed with the powers over illness, suffering, dreams, misfortunes, quarrels, war, murder, sleep and death. In fact, any inexplicable or frightening thing that befell man is attributed to me. I also one of the the surpreme rulers of prophetic power. I once believed that I am strong. However... I have lost all that belief since I haven't sparred with a single person in millenias. Sorry for the life threats which I gave you, that was just my excitement rushing out. I hope that you know that this tourney is being watched by my daughters, the Moirai, my mother, Khaos, and my other family members by their dark abilities, directly into their mind. So, please use your full powers to entertain us, the grandson of heavenly swordsman, Schwartz! Please do not worry, I would go easy on you. I won't be using my higher abilities which are associated by death and war. So, let's begin!"

Schwartz listened to every word she said and came to a conclusion,

"All right then... Please don't come to hate me for this!"

He said with a smile.

He made his divine Gi flow into his legs and hand. He also created numerous small daggers by his divine Gi and threw them at Nyx. She was already ready for that. She did not even lifted her finger. She destroyed all of his daggers which were flying towards her at a high speed by exerting her dark energy from her aura. Her dark energy depleted all of Schwartz's daggers. While exerting her dark energy, she shouted with a laughter and excitement,

"GYAHAHAHAHAHA! Did you really thought that such a weak attack would work against me?! Ahn?! You bloody scoundrel!"

While she was depleting Schwartz's daggers, he had reached near her since he increased his speed by boosting his agility and Vitality by his divine Gi. As soon as he appeared in fron of her, he started throwing off his high paced punches overflowing with divine Gi. However, Nyx didn't fall back. She deflected her punches by using her legs, which were exerting huge amount of dark Gi, to kick off Schwartz's fists. She folded her hands and used her kicks. She was also having the time of her life. She laughed insanely,


They were on an equal footing. However, Nyx almost forgot that she was not fighting only a single opponent who was Schwartz, she was also fighting his partner, Zhao. When she remembered about her, she stopped laughing and started searching for Zhao. She turned her neck right and left to find her, which resulted in the slowing down of her kicks. When her kicks started getting slower, Schwartz commented,

"What happened?! Weren't you screaming and bursting with laughter just a few moments ago?!"

She realized suddenly that her attacks were slowing down.


Schwartz used this opportunity. He transferred most of his divine Gi into his right arm. When Nyx started increasing her dark Gi, her energy got disrupted for a while. During this moment, Schwartz punched her left leg with his right arm. This resulted in the rupture of muscle tissues of her right leg. Slowly, along with the muscles, her blood vessels started to tear up. The blood splashed out like a fountain. Piercing her leg, Schwartz's punch crashed with her bones in no time. Her bones broke into two parts. The force of the punch sent her flying a few metres back. She fell on the ground. Schwartz thought that she would not be able to fight again, and would give up, however, he was wrong. Soon after falling on the ground, she got up and her leg started to heal. Schwartz was shocked. He started sweating as he thought to himself,

"She... She is actually healing! I never thought about this ability... Can all the Gi users heal like this? Yes! There can't be any other explanation! How do other healing type slayers heal others?! It's because of their divine Gi!"

Her leg was healed completely. She got up and started laughing insanely, once again.

"GYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I will say it once again... Did you really thought that such a weak attack would work against me! Ahn?!"

Schwartz sweated heavily. He guarded himself with his divine Gi. He created a barrier of divine Gi which would have been able to deflect any type of dark attack for one to three times easily.

Suddenly, Nyx rushed towards Schwartz at high speed as she used her dark Gi in her legs. However, from the opposite direction, Zhao came rushing towards Nyx. Her legs were glowing as if she made her divine Gi flow into them. She shouted,

"Dear Nyx! Why do you forget about me so easily?!"

While rushing towards her, she chanted the mantra to borrow the power of fire,

"Za greetalsa tva Agni le os, vraiz jalan thair arshi vayatzwa!"

The magic circle which had formed because of the recitation on the mantra, unleashed huge amount of firepower surrounded by bright particles of divine Gi.

Before facing the unexpected attack, Nyx said,

"Holy mother Khaos-"

The fire attack was so huge that it completely covered the whole body of Nyx in fire. She was not even visible in that huge attack. Schwartz and Zhao felt relieved thinking that the battle was over and Nyx had burnt to ashes. However, suddenly out of nowhere, Nyx came behind Zhao. Zhao did not saw her. Schwartz who had seen her, alarmed Zhao,

"Zhao! Behind your back!"

Zhao, who was sweating heavily, turned back as soon as she heard Schwartz's scream. Just as when she turned back, Nyx slap-struck a heavy blow at her face. Nyx palm was overloaded with dark Gi. The force of that slap sent Zhao flying a several metres away.


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