The world has gone through a drastic change. People are blessed with heaven's blessings and are born with abilities. In this vast world, there are different persons fighting within themselves for different reasons. Aoki Arata - Ability unknown. Said to be the strongest. Weaker than the boss. Arsenal - space manipulation. Serves the boss. The boss -??? The battle that shook the gods, begins now! This story moves through different time periods and the characters, story setting, and everything else changes from generation to generation. The first generation is just a prologue.

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When they transferred from their objective dimension, they were amidst confusion. Deces, who was sweating heavily, said with a frightened and serious tone,

"E-e-e-e-everyone... This is the land of VERBRECHERVELT PORTITOR, who is a Khaos god called KHARON!"

After she said that, Vanzel approached her and asked her,

"Deces, do you have any information about this so called Kharnos?"

Deces said hesitatingly,


Vanzel backed off and looked around the land while he thought,

"So... Deces has some information about this Kharnos... But it looks like that she requires some time to think it through. Well, let's inspect this land for now."

The land of Portitor was much smaller than other lands which Alcesto and his friends had ventured till now. It's four sides were surrounded by four dimensional portals which looked like the same ones which were made by Deces. It contained enormous amount of dark energy. In the middle of a land, a small river was flowing. The small size of the land made the river seem large. Though it was a river, instead of water, blood was flowing in it. The red blood in the river was creepy enough to send chills down in anyone's spine, but, the rotten bones made the river the creepiest thing which was ever encountered by Alcesto and his party. Rotten human bones and broken skulls filled with brain matter were popping out of the river. It was a dreadful scenery. Somewhere were bones and somewhere were eyes. Land of Portitor's moonlight shone upon this nerve-wracking river. As this moonlight reflected onto the river, it gave a feeling of inferiority, a feeling of fear, a feeling of emptiness and a feeling of determination.

The feeling of inferiority generated inside Jae-Hyuk as he thought about his inferior life and how he might come to an end without giving him any warning or a chance to continue living without making mistakes.

The feeling of fear generated within Schwartz as he thought about how strong the upcoming enemies would be and most importantly, will he be able to protect himself and his friends from these so called Khaos gods. His mindset was threatened.

The feeling of emptiness generated within Vanzel as he asked himself about his purpose. His emotions were long lost since he had only one purpose, and it was to find his father. He knew within himself that it was pure selfishness, but he also knew that he wants to correct his mistake and help his friends in succeeding with their goal.

The feeling of determination was the only one which was different among other negative emotions. It generated within Alcesto and it was the only thing which made his party to push forward under Vanzel's orders. He thought to himself,

"If the enemies are such strong from just now, then how in the actual world would we defeat Navertozwein?"

Instead of any negative emotion, this question fired him because he knew the answer, and it was,

"To get strong... I need to get strong in order to protect my pride!"

After he did the thinking to himself, he spread his hand out and as if he was trying to stop the ones who were standing behind him. He said with a energetic tone,

"Ladies, y'all shall stay here. This grotesque land isn't suitable for combat by y'all."

Kyung-Mi followed his orders and decided to stay on the same side of the river where they all were currently standing. Since Deces was already a hellish god, she had encountered many creepy and grotesque scenes. So, she decided to cross the river with them.

Other three males of Alcesto's party came to their senses and realized their responsibilities once Alcesto started talking. Schwartz also said the same thing and persuaded Zhao Bao to stay there with Kyung-Mi. Kyung-Soon didn't listened to Alcesto and decided to leave with them since she believed that she was not like other girls and she had a tough mindset.

Vanzel, Alcesto, Jae-Hyuk, Kyung-Soon and Deces decided to cross to the other side of the river. Since Schwartz was also injured in his previous battle, he stayed with Zhao and Kyung-Mi to guard them from any kind of unknown danger.

Before crossing the river, Vanzel asked Deces,

"Deces, since you told us something about this Kharon when we reached this land... Do you want to complete that now?"

She turned her neck and looked up towards Vanzel. Vanzel looked into her eye and found signs of fear. She remained silent for a while and then replied,

" I-I am sorry but I can not really tell you guys anything about Kharon because my life might be on the line. I'm really sorry!"

She bowed down to Vanzel. Jae-Hyuk got a little anxious and asked her,

"W-w-what do you mean by you can't tell us, Deces?!"

She was not able to reply. She kept her mouth shut and Vanzel got a grasp of the situation. He calmed Jae-Hyuk and told him,

"Jae-Hyuk, in moments like this, you must cool down your head. I order you to remain here and help Schwartz in guarding the ladies. I also order Kyung-Soon to stay here with you guys. As for Deces, I grasped a little of the situation, I thought a little bit more and created a possibility which states that the enemy had used some kind of spell or curse on her to remain silent because she also told us about her life being in danger. Jae-Hyuk decide to follow the orders of an elder being than him. He asked for forgiveness from Deces. She replied,

"Don't worry. Sometimes everyone makes mistake and you didn't asked anything wrong from me."

After a while, Jae-Hyuk persuaded Kyung-Soon to stay with him and others who were not crossing the river. Kyung-Soon didn't heard anyone, but, when Jae-Hyuk asked her to stay here, she agreed with him.

When they completed their little talk, Alcesto, Vanzel and Deces decided to cross the river. Firstly, they decided to fly over the river to avoid getting dirtied by the blood or fall into the enemy trap, but, that idea was cancelled out by Vanzel since he thought that it would take a lot of energy to fly over and he also thought that there might be an enemy ambush to attack them before landing on the land and they might not be able to control their energy.

When it got decided that they will cross the river, Vanzel inspected the river and found that it was not much deep nor did the blood had any essence of magic. The only problem was blood and bones which they thought to ignore.

Jae-Hyuk asked Vanzel,

"Should I create a pathway towards the other side of the river?"

Vanzel answered him,

"No. There is no need for you to waste any energy. What if the enemy attacks you while we are walking on the pathway?"

Jae-Hyuk realized his mistake and said Vanzel to forget about his idea.

When everything was set, Alcesto came forward and asked,

"Well then... Shall we go?"


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