The world has gone through a drastic change. People are blessed with heaven's blessings and are born with abilities. In this vast world, there are different persons fighting within themselves for different reasons. Aoki Arata - Ability unknown. Said to be the strongest. Weaker than the boss. Arsenal - space manipulation. Serves the boss. The boss -??? The battle that shook the gods, begins now! This story moves through different time periods and the characters, story setting, and everything else changes from generation to generation. The first generation is just a prologue.

Zoro_The_Dark · Fantasy
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209 Chs


After slaying off Eris's head, Schwartz lost all of his strength. His body got weak and he fell on the ground. Every last bit of magical power, or divine Gi was sucked off from Schwartz's and Zhao's bodies.

*WHAM!* Loud sound was heard by everyone who was inside the tower when Schwartz fell onto the ground from the upper floor. When Schwartz fell on the ground, he injured his right shoulder. But, he was completely exhausted, both physically and mentally. He didn't paid any attention to his broken shoulder. After a while, he lost his consciousness.


Just two floors above of Schwartz and Zhao were Alcesto and Kyung-Mi. They were heading towards their meeting point. While descending downwards the tower, they heard the loud noise which was made by Schwartz when he directly fell on the ground after claiming his victory in a life or death battle against the hellish Khaos goddess, Eris.

When they heard the sound, Kyung-Mi turned her neck towards left and looked with fear in Alcesto's eyes. Alcesto signed her to keep quiet by covering her mouth. After that, Alcesto descended towards the lower floors really slowly. When he reached the next floor, he looked in all directions for any sign of danger and made sure that this floor was completely safe. When he made sure that the floor on which he was currently standing was safe, he signalled Kyung-Mi to come down by waving his hands.

After a while, Kyung-Mi also descended to the same level of floor as Alcesto. When she came on the same level as him, he proceeded towards the next floor with caution and ordered Kyung-Mi by whispering in her ears.

"Stay on this floor, for now. After checking the next floor, I'll call ya' down. That's why, pay attention, 'kay?"


Replied Kyung-Mi.

After ordering her, Alcesto proceeded towards the next floor cautiously. When he reached the next floor, the first thing which he saw was Eris's slayed off head. The blood was splattered on the whole floor and her nerves were lurking out of her neck. Her neck was also torn between two pieces and since her head rolled off a small distance after being cut, her brain tissues were leaking from the large cut. Because of rolling, her eyes were also swinging out from her head and her enlarged pupils were touching the blood on the ground.

Alcesto was shocked by this scene. He wanted to scream but he did not, because he did not wanted to ruin his cool image in front of his newly met friend, Kyung-Mi. He stepped forward and saw Eris's rest of body which was breaking into small dust of black particles which was mixing in with the fog. After her a while, her head, blood, body and every single atom of her body which was visible on the land transformed into a soul like entity which was not defined at all. It looked like a shadow which has taken the form of a person.

After all of her atom was converted and formed the black shadow or soul like thing, it flew in the sky towards moonlight. While she was flying, she looked back and said softly, even though her mouth didn't moved at all because shadows don't have mouth.

"Thank you!"

Alcesto watched this complete scene by hiding into a corner. After he confirmed that the entity in front of him possessed no threat to him, he called Kyung-Mi down. When he stepped out of the corner, by a coincidence, he looked downwards from the railing of that floor.


He shouted by surprise when he found that two of his teammates were lying on the lowest floor of the tower. When Kyung-Mi descended downwards in hurry, she asked him,

"What happened, Alcesto?!"

"Uh just... That."

Alcesto said while pointing his finger towards Schwartz and Zhao lying on the lowest floor of the Tower. When Kyung-Mi saw that she said to Alcesto,

"Aren't they Schwartz and Zhao?! Let's go, we shall help them!"


Alcesto followed her as she ran downwards on the stairs. When they reached them, Alcesto and Kyung-Mi used their Azure and divine Gi to make their body less tired and use some of Alcesto's low level healing magic.

Healing magic could only be used on people who have atleast two percent divine energy in their body. Alcesto did not needed to recite any sutra mantra since his body already contained his original source of power which was the Azure empress prowess.

WHILE Alcesto and Kyung-Mi were treating the injured who were Schwartz and Zhao, Vanzel got tired of waiting. Jae-Hyuk also had some suspicions that his teammates were already fighting with an enemy while he was goofing around here. He asked Kyung-Soon,

"H-hey, don't cha' think that other two pairs are taking a lot of time?"

Kyung-Soon replied to him after thinking for a bit,

"Hmm... That seems to be correct."

While they were discussing about their teammates' arrival, Deces reached towards them and started talking,

"Since Alcesto and others are taking too much time in meeting again at here, Vanzel has ordered to search for them."

Jae-Hyuk listened to her and said,

"That's what we were talkin' 'bout!"

Kyung-Soon looked at him and said,


Then she turned her neck towards Deces and asked her,

"So... Where should we search for them?"

Before Deces could say something, Vanzel stepped in between their conversation and interrupted by saying,

"The tower. That should be the only location where we should search for them."

Without thinking anything, Jae-Hyuk, Kyung-Soon and Deces followed their party leader's orders because they had complete faith in him. They trusted him with their lives and rushed towards the tower.

When they reached the tower, they saw Alcesto and Kyung-Mi healing their unconscious teammates who were Schwartz and Zhao. After Vanzel's arrival, the speed of healing increased as their other teammates also helped them in healing Schwartz and Zhao.

After their consciousness returned to them, they told everything to Vanzel and other party members. Vanzel respected Schwartz's decision making and combat skills. After their chaos filled battle, they decided to head back to the land of Tartarmus. But, before heading back to the land of Tartarmus, Vanzel decided to look for any valuable item available on this land before it gets destroyed since Ira Jeza had already died.

A few days past...

Schwartz's and Zhao's bodies were in perfect condition because of these few days rest. Now, it was their time of departure. Vanzel was ready with their party members to head towards the land of Tartarmus.

Deces was creating a dimensional portal for her land. Suddenly, the whole land of Jeza started shaking. Vanzel thought that the land was collapsing. He ordered his party to jump straight into the portal which is created by Deces.

Without giving a second thought, they followed him. When they exited on the other side of the portal, they found that they were not standing on the land of Tartarmus. While they were amidst confusion, Deces, who was sweating heavily, said with a frightened and serious tone,

"E-e-e-e-everyone... This is the land of a Khaos God called VERBRECHERVELT PORTITOR, or, KHARON!"