The world has gone through a drastic change. People are blessed with heaven's blessings and are born with abilities. In this vast world, there are different persons fighting within themselves for different reasons. Aoki Arata - Ability unknown. Said to be the strongest. Weaker than the boss. Arsenal - space manipulation. Serves the boss. The boss -??? The battle that shook the gods, begins now! This story moves through different time periods and the characters, story setting, and everything else changes from generation to generation. The first generation is just a prologue.

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As soon as Khaos's fist got in contact with Alcesto's leg, he pulled his leg back and charged his Azure Gi around his left hand. During this process, he said,

"You asked for this!"

During this slight moment, Khaos had lowered her guard. In other words, the thick wall of dark Gi, which, until now, was protecting her from Alcesto's attacks, had drastically weakened. Alcesto's kick, which was overflowing with godly Gi, crashed with her abdominal region. The shock of that attack was high, which resulted in the internal bleeding of Khaos. She got thrown behind.

Her head was lowered because of her shame, her regret that she got kicked by a mere human. More than that, the kick was so effective that it made her bleed. Slowly, she raised her head up and gazed Alcesto. She coughed up blood. After spitting the blood which came to her mouth, she used more of her dark Gi.


*TOTAL USAGE - 10%!!!*

Her body got surrounded by an extremely dark aura. Her black eye were shining with an strange reddish brightness. As small volts of lightning started emitting around her body, she stepped slowly towards Alcesto. As she approached him, she started speaking,

"You... Do not have pure human blood, do you?"

Alcesto knew that she would eventually ask that question. He replied,

"Yes. Godly blood of Azaloth family flows in my veins."

After hearing Alcesto's answer, Khaos smirked and began talking again,

"I am not asking about that... You also have the power, aura and blood of... Of Azure Emperor!"

Alcesto did not knew what she meant. He only knew that the Azure prowess which he used to see as his own Gi, was passed onto him by his father, the Azure emperor. But, he also knew that his father was just a normal human being and he was not able to emit any godly Gi. Questions relating the Azure emperor popped in Alcesto's mind and he asked Khaos,

"What do you mean by the Azure emperor?! Was he some kind of god?!"

She replied to him,

"Hahaha! You do not even know anything about this, and yet you dared to challenge me?!"


*TOTAL USAGE - 15%!!!*

She charged her dark Gi around her hands. The lightning volts around her body started drawing towards her hands as she created a small energy ball in her hands. She raised her arms and targeted her hands towards Alcesto.

Alcesto started sweating as he saw her fierce form targeting him. He created a huge barrier of godly Gi around his body. The barrier was of Azure colour. He also began to emit a weird and Azure coloured aura.

Khaos was completely ready to use her attack on Alcesto. However, she had sudden memory flashes which resulted in her slight headache. Although her head was hurting, she released the dark Gi in the form of a blast which she had been gathering in her palms. During this process, she remembered her past.


When nothing existed in the Khaos realm, a huge blast created several planets. It is stated that the main cause of that blast was unknown, however, one of the greater God, the God of creation, used his 'Truth-creator' to form a set of planets, a solar system in different dimension, also known as, the Khaos realm.

On one of these planets, a goddess was born. She emerged from the elements of that planet. When she emerged, she was already a teenager. She was self conscious of herself and she also knew the way the universe works. She knew about her dark yet divine abilities. She was born with powers related to creation, protection and destruction. Even though, her major strength was destruction, she created many children until she reached her middle age, which was, in godly years, equal to a few millenias. She started living a life of superiority. She knew about high level gods like Zeus, but, she viewed herself above everyone because even Zeus was scared of her.

She started breaking the divine universal laws and attacked the other godly realms. She engaged a huge battle against the heavenly gods in the opposition of their life in the heavens. She preached the ideology,

"Why can't all gods be considered equal and stay in the heavens?!"

However, in reply to her query, the king of heaven, Indra, replied to her.

"Equality, never existed to begin with. Eternal greatness exists only within the destroyer. These rules cannot be altered, as by altering them it would mean to change the flow of universe. Everyone is above a specific someone and the one who is above, deserves to be treated above. His aura will be as pure as Azure and he himself will not have any knowledge about his superiority. He would not be an arrogant one. He would deeply care for the ones who will enlighten his path of conquest."

His heavy words left a huge impact on her. However, she did not seized the battle. During this, the God of creation cursed his own child, the curs stated,

"Everyone faces someone greater than them. Soon enough, a time will come for even you, my child. The Azure emperor will reincarnate and he will destroy your wall of arrogance and pride. He would be weaker than you, but his resolve would be greater than yours."

These heavy words were enough to shatter one's confidence. However, Khaos did not lost her belief in herself. She decided to teach her children the art of war. She decided to expand her connections with other gods throughout the multiverse.


Khaos knew that the time for the completion of the curse has finally came, but she did not wanted to accept this fact. She wanted to deny the heaven's rule. During her energy blast, she released almost every last bit of her energy to overcome Alcesto.


*TOTAL USAGE - 19.7%!!!*

She decided to save a little bit of Gi, or else releasing it would result in Alcesto's sudden victory.


While the fight between Alcesto and Khaos, which might decide the fate of the universe was going on, someone had his eyes on the arena, without the fighters' knowing. In the deep darkness, stood a shady figure. His body was not visible due to the immense darkness. Only an outline of his body was visible, which visualized the actions he was doing. He was Navertozwein. His human-like 6.6 feet tall body was exerting large amount of dark aura. He had his eyes covered with his palm. He laughed slowly and with nobody being there, he talked to himself,

"Hahaha... Vanzel betrayed Alcesto. I would be more than glad if Khaos was able to kill Alcesto, but looks like it isn't possible, huh... The biggest problem for me right now is Razel. He has the sheath... The sheath of the heavens slaying sword... I need to revert it as soon as possible. The person suitable to revert the sheath form them would be... SET! I choose Set to go and bring it back!"

He was sitting on some kind of bed. Whilst slightly laughing, he got up and spoke once more,

"The dark magic which I prepared for Deces got useless. After all, she was slayed by his friend himself... But, I like it!"


This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this book are either the product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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