Heavens Devouring Emperor

Ye Qinyang, a genius of the Ye family with many rare attributes, began to create a harem of beautiful women, that will shatter the earth. He will stand at the pinnacle of the world, and then soar through the heavens, devouring the heavens on his path in becoming the harem immortal.

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Strong Alliances 1

"Qing Yang, Ayumi. Both of you are good, you are not only a blessing to the Ye family. Even your uncle is honorable because of you two. Tell the officers and soldiers that our Sado family told Ye Clan more than 20 years ago. My family is an ally. They all say that the decision of my Saduo family is very correct. I have nothing to say as an uncle. When I conquered the south and the north, the King of Apocalypse also gave me some martial arts. My family does not have this rare attribute. Erlang, these Purple Thunder Fist and Cloud Striking Palm are all low-level martial arts of the Xuan rank, so I will give them to both of you."

Ye Qingyang and Ye Bumei looked at their father, who was sitting in the right seat, with a smile on his face, and they did not refuse.

"Thank you Uncle Cao". The two said in unison.

"Tell me, uncle Cao what is the purpose of your visit this time?" Ye Xiang followed his old friends and went straight to the topic without further delay.

"Well, I heard about the two children, so I brought the guards and rushed here. Mainly because of the problem of allies,".

"Oh, ally?"

"Yes, it's about allies. It's very eye-catching that this family has two ultra-rare. There will definitely be many alchemists, big families or people in the army to form allies with you."

"However, there is a problem with the military."

"what is the problem?"

"Our Sado family has been the general's position for the past 20 years. But just two years ago, a red wolf general, Sabie, appeared. This general has no military exploits, just because his sister is the favorite concubine of the lecherous new emperor. He was domineering in the DPRK, publicly insulted the great scholar Doran Woods, and pushed the 70-year-old imperial priest Kali Liuyu down the stairs. Fractures are mild, and disabilities are severe."

"This scumbag! Cao, what do you think I should do?"

"This time, we have united several big families in the court. Your Ye family has two super-attributes at once. There will definitely be high-level physicians. Take your two sons and one daughter's position in Fengjia Academy. We will join forces to kill this scumbag."

"Okay, we'll just do as you say."

"Okay, I'll go back and tell them now, after tomorrow morning. We will find an excuse to kill him directly."

"It's good!"

On the second day, it was early morning. Before Cao and the others went to find Sabie, Sabie came to provoke Cao and the others.

"Hey, you are discussing some major national affairs, let me participate too." Sabie's face is pockmarked and full of oil, and his face is full of flesh, and his eyes are squeezed into the size of a grain of rice. Judging from his body shape, he can weigh at least three hundred kilograms. holding a red long sword. He was wearing a red general's armor and a red wolf's head on his chest, which was very unsuitable for Sabie. Ten fingers are covered with gemstone rings.

"Hehe, it turned out to be General Sabie. We couldn't have discussed this time without you." Cao said.

"Oh, let me hear what's going on." Sabie dragged her round belly with both hands, and moved the jade-encrusted belt around her waist.

"Hehe, General Sabie, this matter is to kill you together."

"Oh, that's what happened." General Sabie smirked for a while after hearing this.

"What? Kill me!"

"Yeah, it's just killing you bastard. It's really worthy of the name your parents gave you. It's really stupid." Cao pulled out the water-blue long knife from his waist.

Sabie stepped back in horror, her round stomach swayed from side to side, and her short legs pressed by her upper body kept moving backwards. Very funny. One was unstable and fell to the ground. With a cold sweat on his face, he pulled out the fiery red long sword, an extraordinary sword, with red light emerging from the blade.

"What do you want, I'm the Red Wolf General. I'm the elder brother of the emperor's favorite concubine."

"Hmph, You've lost your conscience. Forcibly robbing civilians, forcibly collecting taxes, and being greedy for money and beauty. How can there be a general's performance, if you don't kill you today, I will be sorry for the emperors of my Apocalypse Empire." The imperial historian scolded beside him.

"I said that the brother of the emperor's favorite concubine is her own brother. My sister can save the emperor from all my sins with a single word. I am the brother of the emperor's favorite concubine!"

Cao rages! "Hmph, now even the gods can't help you!"

After saying that, the Sapphire sword slashed at Sabie's head, and Sabie quickly blocked it with the flaming red sword. The fiery red long sword is definitely a top-grade spiritual weapon, and the long sword emits a burst of crimson flames to resist Cao's attack.

Seeing that the sword was a spiritual weapon, Cao couldn't bear to let a high-grade spiritual weapon break in the hands of this pig, and fought against Sabie's arm. This Sabie has no fighting skills at all. Caloose blue light directly discounted Sabie's arm, and the fiery red sword flew far away.

Cao's knife slashed directly on Sabie's neck. The ball-like heads rolled to one side.

Shortly after Sabie was killed.

"Concubine, concubine. The big thing is bad. The maid of the concubine hurriedly ran into the bedroom of the concubine."

"What's the matter, who was in a panic at noon and lost his head."

"Yeah, Concubine. The head fell, the head fell."

"Be clear, who's head fell off."

"Concubine, your brother's head fell off."

"Ah, how can this happen".

"Your brother and several ministers in the court had a dispute at the gate of the palace, and General Zhengdong looked down on your brother's head."

"Ouch, my own brother. I must get justice for you."

"Go find the emperor for me. Just say I'm going to cry to death."

"Okay, Concubine."

Before long, the emperor came in a hurry. "What's wrong? My beauty?"

"Emperor, you have to decide for my brother. Several ministers in the court jointly killed my brother."

"Huh? Which ones are they?"

"It's just a few people headed by General Zhengdong."

Um? The emperor had just heard this morning that General Cao and the talented Ye family had already formed an alliance. The minister in the DPRK is also a good friend of this general's family. There are not many such wizards in the entire Deya Continent.

How could I offend him, who would dare to provoke him if he grew up to be at the level of Yuan Huang and Dou Huang. They can destroy a city with a wave of their hands. The emperor still knows which is more important.

Your gift is the motivation for my creation. Give me more motivation!

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