Heavens Devouring Emperor

Ye Qinyang, a genius of the Ye family with many rare attributes, began to create a harem of beautiful women, that will shatter the earth. He will stand at the pinnacle of the world, and then soar through the heavens, devouring the heavens on his path in becoming the harem immortal.

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An Early Test

Continents and islands have been formed in the 100,000 years since the beginning of this azure planet. This blue planet consists of nine continents and countless islands. No one knows how big this planet is and how many secrets it hides.

In the northeast of the planet, there are three major families, the Liao family, the Ye family, and the Chuma family in the Apocalypse Empire of Deya Continent and Nanga City.

These three are famous for money, martial arts, and dyeing workshops. The Liao family's pawns spread over half of the Apocalypse Empire, and the Ye family's martial arts also had a place in the Apocalypse Empire. The Chuma family dyeing workshop also has a certain prestige in the empire.

Within the leaf family.

"Today is the time for your adult test," the patriarch Ye Xiang shouted from the high platform of the martial arts arena. "Children who have reached the age of 16 will come to the stage and put their palms on the crystal scale to test their strength level. Those who reach the seventh level of fitness will be recognized by the family, but those who are not strong enough will continue to cultivate their physique and will be tested next year. Now line up for the test."

After patriarch Ye Xiang finished speaking, nearly 2,000 young people in the audience lined up in an orderly manner like a long dragon.

Murmurs from the onlookers.

"I heard that Ye Hu has reached the seventh level of body nourishment."

"Yes, and he claims to be the number one of the Ye family this year."

"Cut it. What number one? He was only bullying us the weaklings. I heard that when he saw Ye Yan, the grandson of the great elder, he was sullen like a dog."

"I think Ye Yan is the first of our session."

"Yes, he's number one."

"Hey, you are all wrong. You see, the two sons of the previous patriarch have reached the second level of soul foundation, and the daughter has reached the first level of soul foundation. When Fengjia Academy started to accept students, they came to our Ye family specially to take the three of them. So, I think the patriarch's youngest son Ye Qingyang and youngest daughter Ye Bumei will be the top two in this session."

"However, we haven't heard the two of them say their levels of strength."

"What do you know, it's called low-key, low-key, understand?"

"I think Ye Mei'er is also very powerful." The man who speaks has blue eyes, and saliva seems about to spill from his mouth."

"Yes, yes. I think Ye Mei'er is not only beautiful but also very powerful." The man next to him said in agreement.

"Hey, there is no hope for us to advance, and we will all be assigned to the factory. Ye Meier and the others will continue to practice their exercises and better mental techniques."

"Ah, let's watch."

"Ye Hu, stepped forward for your test!" the grand elder shouted.

Ye Hu walked up tremblingly and placed his hands on the crystal.

The grand elder shouted again, "The seventh level of body nourishment."

Ye Hu, who was sweating coldly, wiped away his sweat, ignoring the contempt of the team, and straightened his waist and walked to the qualified crowd next to him.

"Wait, this shabby one is also bragging with only a seventh level of body nourishment, even if he has a level that is higher than ours." Those who did not pass the test said.

"Ye Mei'er, stepped forward for your test."

Ye Mei'er was sixteen years old, and was wearing a pink dress, showing her waist which was very attractive. The group of boys behind her want to go up and touch her, and feel her charming waist, and caress her lovely face which was even more fascinating.

Ye Mei'er put her hands on the crystal, and in a flash of purple light, the elder shouted, "Eight level of body nourishment."

Ye Mei'er walked towards the crowd, which caused the boys to look sideways, watching Ye Mei'er's figure slowly walked away from the testing stage after succeeding.

"Ye Yan, stepped forward for your test," the grand elder shouted again.

Ye Yan is tall and thin, with a handsome face and a proud look between his eyebrows. Some young girls in the Ye family were very obsessed with the grandson of this great elder.

Putting his hands on the crystal, the whole body of the crystal was purple, and the purple light flashed. The grand elder glanced at it and smiled at Ye Yan, "Ninth level of body nourishment".

"After a few months of hard work, you can reach the stage of soul awareness." The grand elder said to Ye Yan with a smile.

Ye Yan thanked him and walked towards the crowd, the arrogance in his eyes increased by 10%. Ye Yan, still trembling lightly, quickly walked up to the fan on the left, who was holding the teacup on the right.

The following people are also talking about it.

"Ye Bumei, step forward for your test, the elder shouted.

There was a commotion from the wolves below.

Ye Bumei had just turned sixteen, her blue dress, her hips were slightly raised, her fair skin was tender and pure, her face was even more masculine.

With a smile on the corner of his mouth, he nodded at the elder. Two little hands were placed on the crystal, and the purple light on the crystal lasted for about a second before falling. After the elder read it, there was a happy report on his face-"The second level of soul awareness!"

There was a commotion behind them.

Soul awareness! She has reached the stage of soul awareness! Ye Bumei's talent is extremely high.

On the elders' table, the elders had a great smile on their faces, and the first elder was not disappointed because his grandson's strength was weaker than Ye Bumei.

The patriarch Ye Xiang laughed even louder, how could he be unhappy that his daughter was so talented.

The second elder said, "It seems that this year our family will have a few young guys selected by those higher academies. The real ancestors has blessed our Ye family, haha."

Ye Xiang said, "I just said that my children will not perform badly! Uncle Zhou, this time the storage ring has fallen into my hands again. Haha"

The elder Ye Zhou laughed and scolded, "You scoundrel, anyway, I'm from your uncle's generation, so can't you respect this old man? Ha, my self-esteem is broken."

Ye Xiang secretly laughed again in his heart. "Don't worry, senior brother. This has added a lot of light to our Ye family."

The second elder Ye Fang said with a laugh; "When my little grandson turns sixteen, he will blow your minds too, you'll see."

The third elder, Ye Qiang, laughed and scolded, "Old man, my little grandson and your grandson are both ten years old. Every time my grandson beats your grandson, you run around. Do you still think he can beat my grandson when they are now adults? Humph, ridiculous. "

"Hey, you old man, what are you talking about? Why don't you two make a bet to see whose grandson is more powerful then!"

"Okay! Laozhou, Xiaoxiang, you all help me remember. Haven't some people lost in the past, but don't admit it! Why are you talking about betting now?!"

"Just bet on a storage ring and a high-grade magic weapon. How about it."

"Okay! Just bet on these, and nobody should deny the account when the time comes. Anyone who doesn't accept the result is an old dog!"

"Haha, Uncle Fang and Uncle Qiang, you have written them down now, so it's sealed. Why don't you just look at the results of the children. Hehe, my youngest son will appear last, you all should watch it."

You just want to show off your son's talent? Alright then.

The test is coming to an end, Ye Qingyang is about 1.8 meters tall, with well-proportioned muscles like a work of art, with a cynical attitude between his eyebrows.

Ye Qingyang stood beside Ye Bumei and looked at the elders, including his father and several old men of the clan. "These old guys are betting again. This time, is there any difference between them and the grandson of the old man Zhou!"

Ye Bumei listened to her elder brother Ye Qingyang's words, and covered her mouth with her Tsing-clothed clothes and smiled tenderly. "Anyway, give me the gift ring that Dad won, and I'm happy. That one is worth 3,000 gold coins."

"Hey, Ayumi wait for your brother to buy you the best and most beautiful storage bracelet in the future." Qing Yang said presumptively.

Ye Bumei is the youngest sister in the family, and he promised her a priceless bracelet inlaid with precious jade, which was also the rejuvenation precious jade of the spiritual level. How can it be so easy to get?

Ye Bumei smiled again and again, "Okay, just wait for the third brother to buy me the best bracelet."

"Ye Qingyang, stepped forward for your test" the elder shouted.

Ye Qingyang trotted forward and waved at the grand elder, "Lord Lu, I'm here."

The grand elder laughed and scolded, "You're not humble, you little brat. I'll see what skills you have."

Ye Qingyang put his hands on the treasure crystal, and the crystal purple suddenly shone, and it took four or five seconds to disappear. The grand elder looked at the crystal and was shocked. After a few seconds, he piled up an excited smile and shouted towards the elders seats.

"Fifth level of soul awareness!!!"

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