1 I'm not a Knight, I'm a craftsman

"Hold the line" cried a silver haired beauty as her squadron was being overrun by a group of orcs

"We can't hold on much longer" cried one of the knight trainees

It was at this moment that she saw someone walking forward as if there was nothing going on.

"There's a civilian..." her shout was cut off as the orcs fell to the ground, blood pouring from the holes in there chests.

The knights around her also froze upon seeing this, were these really monsters they had been struggling against. As they pondered this crazy occurrence the woman with silver hair kept watching him as he continued walking deeper into the forbidden grounds. Unsure of what to do she suddenly decided to give chase, noticing the hooded person stop and turn their head she smiled before realizing the person started running away from her.

She was angry now, who would dare run from her.

"Hey stop where you are" shouted the woman

The person came to a stop before turning to the left and walking to a cave, the woman continued her pursuit until she saw the mysterious person digging through a bottomless bag.

"Hey" said the woman again

"Hay is for the horses" responded the person still digging through his bag giving no care to the woman behind him.

"Ahh... yes indeed" said the woman the woman holding back her frustration

Not responding the person had apparently found what they were looking for as he pulled out a pick and began heading into the cave whistling a jolly tune before the dink of mining could be heard.

Not really sure of what to do in this situation the girl turned around to report this guy to her superiors.

"What did I do to warrant her stalking" complained the person who was still mining away at something.

Hours later as the sun set he left the mine and started walking back to the wall of the city.

"Such a wonderful day" smiled the youth

Just as he was fully taking in the view he spun around and struck in time to deflect a sword from cleaving him in two.

"You were right he is skilled" came the voice of a middle aged man

"See I told you daddy" said the woman from earlier excitedly

The youth stared at these two people before snorting and pointing his finger towards the man as lightning shot out and struck him in the chest, unprepared for the attack the middle aged man went flying the armor protecting his chest torn asunder.

'Crazy people everywhere today' thought the youth before continuing his walk to the city gates.

Meanwhile the father and daughter duo were speechless, the power of that attack was deadly even to a veteran knight.

"Young man what's your name" asked the middle aged man

"Noneya" said the youth

"Oh that's interesting what is your last name" asked the man intrigued

"Business" said the youth

"Noneya Business, that's a....." realization dawned upon him as he said the full name he was given.

"Your a few cards short of a full deck aren't you" asked the youth with a deadpan

"Young man this is a serious matter, I am offering you quite the opportunity" said the man with his daughter nodding at the side with a serious face.

"Not interested" said the youth turning around to leave again

The two sat there stunned, didn't he know who they were.

"Young man, I am the head of the Holy knights of Salvation" said the man trying to get the attention of this youth

"Good for you" said the young man walking into the distance

The man became angry and went to grab the youth but found the youth had shot forward a couple feet.

"I ask you to reconsider" said the man one last time as he began drawing his sword.

"I am not a knight, I'm a craftsman" said the youth causing father and daughter to both freeze in shock

'He's a craftsman' thought the duo

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