1 Memories Regained, Wife and Child Seeking Help!

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"The operation is complete. The chip within the body of Commander Qin has been removed."

In a daze, Qin Bei woke up from the anesthesia. Beside him was a chip the size of a fingernail that was covered in blood.

A huge battle a few days ago had caused Qin Bei to be injured. He unexpectedly discovered the chip in his body.

The moment the chip was taken out, countless memories flooded into Qin Bei's mind.

This chip has the effect of causing amnesia…

But who transplanted this chip into his body?

The sudden flood of memories gave Qin Bei a splitting headache!

"Commander, the chip has been removed. The governor has sent a message saying that he has something important to discuss with you. What do you think?"

"Let them wait!"

Qin Bei suddenly pushed the doctor away and rushed out of the operating room to his private room.

There was a lot of random junk in the room. Qin Bei searched for a long time before he found an steel box. He opened the box and saw a phone that had been outdated for seven or eight years.

"The passcode… the passcode is…"

Qin Bei kept recalling and more memories flooded his mind.

He turned on the phone. There were more than a thousand unread messages and videos. All of them were sent by the same person. The sign-off was his fiancée, Su Qingying!


Qin Bei's lips quivered!

"Six years! Six whole years! Qingying! I actually forgot about you for six whole years!"

Qin Bei held his phone tightly and felt extremely guilty!

Trembling, he opened the message and read it word by word. He was afraid that he would miss any moment. Instantly, his face was filled with tears.

"Qin Bei, you've been gone for more than a week. Are you doing alright now?"

"Qin Bei, I'm pregnant. I really hope that when our son is born, his father will be by his side."

"Qin Bei, this is our son. I named him Qin Pan. Look at how cute he is, he looks so much like you…"

"Our son is three years old this year. He's starting kindergarten. Where are you? A child can't live without a father—"

"Qin Bei, today is our son's sixth birthday, but he has never seen his father…

There were over a thousand unread messages. All of them contained Su Qingying's six years of longing for Qin Bei!

Qin Bei looked at them for more than three hours, afraid that he would miss out on any moment.

As he watched his son slowly grow up, Qin Bei would occasionally cry and laugh foolishly at his son's photo.

He did not expect to have a son!

Qin Bei's heart was in a mess. He only remembered that when he fled Qingzhou in a sorry state, he had engaged with a beautiful and gentle girl the night before!

And that girl was Su Qingying!

Even though many years had passed, Su Qingying's appearance was still vivid in Qin Bei's heart!

He wanted to live a good life with Su Qingying, but things didn't go according to his wishes. When his enemies came, Qin Bei could only flee in a sorry state and fight alone in the Southern Region. Relying on his outstanding bravery, Qin Bei single-handedly created an army of 800,000 soldiers. His name was renowned throughout the country, and from then on, there were no longer any crimes committed!

However, he had completely forgotten about his wife and son! At that moment, self-blame, regret, and frustration surged in Qin Bei's heart!

"Beep. You have a new message—"

Just when Qin Bei was feeling regretful, his phone suddenly rang and he received another message.

"Is it a message from Qingying?"

Qin Bei immediately turned on the screen.

It was a mere few words, yet it caused Qin Bei's heart to quake!

"I'm sorry, Qin Bei. We can only meet again in our next life…"

This short sentence was like a farewell letter, making Qin Bei furious!

Qingying and their son were in danger!

Who dared to touch his wife?

He must be courting death!

Qin Bei's murderous aura exploded like a landslide, shaking the entire building!

At this moment, a muscular man came over. When he saw Qin Bei standing in the storeroom, an unfathomable expression flashed across his face.

"Commander Qin! You have such great authority! You even dare to refuse the governor's request to meet you?"

A trace of dissatisfaction flashed across the muscular man's face. This Qin Bei was so full of himself just because he had the Southern Region army with 800,000 strong men! He didn't even put the Southern Region Governor in his eyes! How detestable!

"Get lost!"

Unexpectedly, Qin Bei did not even look at that person at all. The murderous aura that surged into the sky was overwhelming, scaring that man until his whole body trembled.

"Qin… Commander Qin… I am only here to pass a message. You… you don't need to be so angry, right?"

The muscular man was almost paralyzed with fear. He looked at Qin Bei's departing figure and did not dare to stop him for a moment!

"Gu Xiaofeng!"

"Tuoba Hong!"

"Xu Tiance!"

"Nangong Ming!"

Qin Bei walked out of the building and roared continuously. He gathered the four War Kings under him.


When Qin Bei walked to the door, a man with a body as sturdy as an iron tower appeared in front of him!

The person who came was called Tuoba Hong, a War King expert!

"Gather the troops! Surround Qingzhou!" Qin Bei's eyes emitted endless killing intent! His roar was deafening!

No matter who it was! If he dared to hurt his wife and children that day, he would even dare to point his sword at the heavens!

"Yes, Commander!"

Tuoba Hong nodded. Qin Bei's orders were like heavenly orders to him! There was no hesitation at all! He just had to carry them out!

In a moment, tens of thousands of soldiers had gathered on the battlefield. They were just waiting for Qin Bei to give the order and immediately set off!

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