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Heavenly Soul [BL]


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Status: Fully Completed ________________________________________________ Feng Qinghe, a renowned disciple of the prestigious Heavenly Peak Sect, is used to bearing his burdens alone and throwing himself into danger for others’ benefit. While exploring a hidden realm, his unique way of doing things garners the interest of Wei Xiang, a feared senior officer from the cultivation world’s judicial force, who starts to observe him from the shadows. But the inexplicably astute Feng Qinghe is not an easy person to deal with, while Wei Xiang is found intriguing by the disciple in turn. After the two become lovers, they aid friends, take on new adventures, and help each other heal from old wounds, all the while growing ever closer to uncovering Feng Qinghe‘s unknown past and the significance of a heavenly soul. ____________ A glimpse into their day-to-day life– Qinghe, when he is in mortal danger: Oh dear. *sighs* I hope I won’t lose my right arm this time or I can’t help Master with paperwork later. Qinghe, when his friends are in the slightest trouble: *rushing onward with cold determination* Who has the time to worry about injuries when my friends need me! Wei Xiang: *lifting him up by the waist* Not so fast, love. Your friends can handle themselves. And they have their own powerful lovers to help, so they can afford to spare mine when he’s recuperating. Qinghe: *dangling limply in his hold and blinking entreatingly* But Xiaaang… Wei Xiang softens and puts Qinghe down, then kisses him on the forehead. Wei Xiang: How about this? If you agree to rest, I’ll let you have one session with me afterwards. Qinghe: *perking up* Do you mean a sparring session? Or… Wei Xiang: *charmed by his enthusiasm* Whichever my darling little lover wants. Qinghe: *smiling hopefully* Both? Wei Xiang: *chuckling* Then let’s spar after you get better and the winner this time gets to choose what we do in bed. Qinghe thus focuses on recovering with single-minded concentration, and later, Wei Xiang happily sacrifices his body and skills to both their enjoyment. On the other hand– Wei Xiang: *growling* Senior Brother, I warned you that the next time you leave such a big pile of work for me to finish, I’ll make you pay for it in the training arena. *drags him off to spar* His Senior Brother: *leaving a trail of nail marks on the floor* Junior Brother, mercy! Nooo!!! The Other Officers: *turning to Qinghe hopefully* Um…aren’t you going to do something about your lover? Qinghe: Ah? Oh! *takes out a large banner and starts waving it enthusiastically* Xiang, you can do it! My lover is the most handsome! My Xiang is undefeatable! Wei Xiang pauses terrorizing his senior brother in the guise of training and blows his beloved a kiss. Everyone: …… They should’ve known that someone their Senior Officer Wei chose wouldn’t be normal! ________________________________________________ A slightly better version of this story is available at ScribbleHub. ________________________________________________ Please Note: This story will include explicit sexual content and is a BL/Yaoi/Danmei/Gay Romance novel. You have been warned.


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