Heavenly Opposers

Manipulation... How would someone feel if their life was completely manipulated to the end? How would it be when everything from the moment of your birth to the end of your life is completely under the control of another? How much worse would it be that not just one, but all the lifetimes you have lived, be manipulated? Xiao lived two lives. In the first, he lived as the villain and died as one—a beautiful villain that made no impact on the real story whatsoever. Then he lives again in a different world, just to come back to his first. Doesn't that mean he can rewrite his mistakes? Doesn't that mean he could be great this time? But what if this was the goal from the very beginning? What happens when Xiao finds this goal and escapes his fate? What if the puppet escapes the puppeteer's hands, reshaping destiny, fate, and karma? What if this former plaything becomes the ultimate threat to causality itself? Witness as Xiao compels both the living and the departed to chant his name... Until the very cosmos quakes in awe of his might and fear of his name......

Chaosking · Action
Not enough ratings
262 Chs

Chapter 235-Too Many Paths Of The Mind.

'This is just the beginning.'

Azrail, thought reading through the gifts that he is receiving, the subtle connections getting stronger isn't just giving him these gifts, it's also making Azrail's whole body the best to wield a sword, giving his whole self a level of talent in the sword that is unseen and had only been seen in the past Centuriarch species.

The new physique slowly went forth to combine with Azrail's original physique of flexibility and like always a certain evolution is always happening within Azrail's body, a new species of himself is slowly being created, and Azrail could tell it, the first evolution that he will have will set it all in motion, to build a base towards his species that has never been seen before.

'There's a lot of powers that I have to adjust to.'