Heavenly Harem Sect

There is a sect, not just any normal sect. It's a sect where all Disciples were said to be goddesses of talent and beauty. Whatever you dreamed of, it can be brought to reality. But at what cost? What's the secret to this sect where only females are allowed to be in and what's the motive of the Sect Leader who's a 'bit' pervert? Does he aim for world domination or does he simply wish to conquer beauty? (Contains tags such as Harem, Overpowered Mc, Yandere, Incest, Milfs, Married Woman, and many more to be discovered) (https://discord.gg/yqK3JrS4jX)

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Cultivating and Reward

[: 3rd POV :]

After a few minutes later, Cecilia opened her eyes and she burst into tears.

This time, it was tears of happiness.

With the knowledge and mastery given to her, she wasn't an idiot to realize how precious these were.

With her tremendously enhanced intellect and talent, she could be compared to the prodigies of monsters.

But at the same time, it brings bad news.

Now that her mind has entered the realm of genius, her appreciation for her master has grown darker.


She became a changed person and no doubt after receiving the gifts, she jumped onto her master without a second thought.


Daniel caught Cecilia in his arm and embraced her.

Knowing that her life from now on will drastically change, it took a while for her to calm down.

"Now that you have received the gifts, I'm sure you're aware how precious they were"

She nodded her head.

"However, that's only the benefits of joining my sect. There will be a lot more to come, but for now, let's continue teaching"

He said and she listened affirmatively as her admiration for him grew to the point of worshipping a god.

"Though I can give you everything that you want, I wouldn't want you to lose your common sense"

"What you might perceive and see in this sect might be a worldly treasure to others"

"Thus, I hope you can keep in mind that the things you received are not easily obtained for others"

She nodded her head vigorously.

With her newfound intellect, she understood how rare bloodline, physique, and spirituality are.

Because of that, she couldn't help but wonder just what kind of deity her master was to be able to get these treasures.

"Alright, let's move on to the next topic and now, we're going to discuss how to cultivate," He said.

"First, you'll need to meditate and how we'll meditate by closing your eyes as you sit down comfortably on the ground"

He instructed her and she listened.

"Afterwards, you'll have to spread your consciousness around the atmosphere"

"Once you had done spreading your conciousness, you can feel or perhaps even see small bulbs of lights which represent spiritual Qi"

He explained as he walked around Cecilia who was focusing on sensing the qi.

"Master I got it!" She cheered.


"Once you have sensed the Qi, this is where the cultivation begins"

"You'll need to attract these bulbs of light into your body and how you'll attract them is by using your cultivation method"

Once Cecilia understood his instruction, she activated her cultivation method.

Everybody has their method of cultivation and depending on their rank, some could be fast and others could be slow.

However, for Cecilia, it was monstrous.

If Qi could be seen by the naked eye, then, there are endless stream of rivers pouring towards Cecilia's body.

If she had been a mediocre cultivator, those streams of qi would have crushed her.

But that wasn't the outcome.

Instead, she was greedily sucking all of the spiritual qi in the air within the sect.

It was simply endless and so much that if there weren't any barriers that was created from the defence mechanism, she would have devour the world spiritual qi.

"Cecilia, the qi that you're absorbing is the highest quality you can ever find"

He smiled as he was proud to claim that.

"You might not be aware but there are different levels of spirituality which start from the Mortal Qi, Refined Qi, Supreme Qi, Sacred Qi, and the Immortal Qi, but what you have now is far beyond the Immortal Qi"

Cecilia was listening to his words and though she was shocked, she felt it wasn't too far a stretch.

After all, the gifts that were given to her was something that didn't belong in this world.

At the same time, Daniel was smiling proudly as he could sense her cultivation base increasing each second.

'Those prodigies would be put to shame'

He softly smiled as he recalled a certain incident where he had to challenge a few disciples and lost terribly.

'Well, I looked forward to the Yearly Sect competition that's hosted by the Empress' He grinned.

[: Congratulation, your disciple has broken through to the Mortal 1st Layer :]

'It was only a minute, but she had entered the 1st layer. Let's see how much further she goes'

[: Congratulations, Host 1st Disciple had entered of Cultivation, the host has received One Seed of Golden Apple :]

'I never expected that I would receive an award, but I won't complain'

'But what does the Seed of a Golden Apple do?'

He was curious about the seed and decided to use the Inspection Function for the seed that had been placed inside the Inventory.

[: A Seed of A Golden Apple :]

- The Golden Apple fruit is a treasure that could increase a cultivator's overall prowess by 100% and could remove all bottlenecks that the Cultivator is having -

- The Golden Apple can only be consumed once and it is effective for all realms -

- If Golden Apple had been consuming, consuming more would only result in recovering fatality wounds and depletion of energy -

- Depending on the number of years nurtured, the percentage increment can be increased -


'The Golden Apple could increase an overall prowess of 100%, and the improvement could be increased if it was nurtured for a long duration of time, I wonder how much my overall prowess can be increased if it could nurture for 1 million years?'

The Golden Apple benefits has greatly shocked him.

At the same time, he looked forward to the results of planting all of the seeds he could plant.