Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Li Yu transmigrated to a world of the cultivation and martial arts. He became the head disciple of a low-ranking sect. Coinciding with the decline of the righteous Path, demons rampaged across a chaotic world. He planned to train until he was invincible before leaving the mountain. However, when he was 17, the Heavenly Dao Rankings suddenly descended upon the world. Whoever made the rankings would receive the rewards of the Heavenly Dao. This shocked the world. What was even more shocking was that the person who placed first on the Hidden Dragon Rankings was Li Yu from an unknown sect!!! Overnight, Li Yu became famous all over the world. However, this was only the beginning. When the Divine Weapon Rankings, Blood Physique Rankings, Natural Oddities Rankings, Sons of Heaven Rankings, Sect Rankings and many more appeared one after another, the entire world was astonished!

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Zhu Xiaotian's Meltdown

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"Alright, then you must remember to come and find me in Tai Prefecture City!" Yi Caidie chuckled as she kept the waist token.

She was clever and naturally knew that she could not force Li Yu. Therefore, she left with Yi Wanxiong.

"Cultivator Li, then I shall await your arrival in Nan'an City!" Murong Xingqiao also walked up and bid farewell to Li Yu.

"Okay, Your Highness. Have a safe journey!" Li Yu cupped his hands and respectfully sent Murong Xingqiao off.

After everyone left, only Li Yu and Tang Chi were left in the temple.

And the various holes and dents that Li Yu had just caused.

However, these were not important. He had already decided to expand the temple and invite craftsmen to renovate the sect tomorrow.

"Senior Brother, Senior Brother, you're too awesome. You were so handsome just now that if I were a girl, I would definitely fall in love with you!" Tang Chi rushed over excitedly and reached out to hug Li Yu.

However, he was kicked away by Li Yu. And this guy would lie down wherever he fell.

"Senior Brother, what is your cultivation level? I really can't understand you anymore!" Tang Chi said as he lay on the ground with his hands under his neck.

He knew that Li Yu was strong, though he did not have a clear idea of how strong Li Yu was.

Previously, he had heard that Li Yu had killed that demonic child. He did not know what concept that was.

Therefore, he was still shocked when he witnessed Li Yu's solo win against 11 Golden Core realm experts in the middle and late stages.

Li Yu did not speak and checked the system's mission interface.

The names of the people linked to side missions appeared in the mission list.

As long as he clicked on the details, he could see the information about this person and the related missions.

Three names had already appeared on the list: Ye Qiu, Murong Xingqiao, and Yi Caidie.

There was also a sign "Quest not active" beside the three names.

Li Yu guessed that the system would probably notify him when the related missions began.

The Qing Cang Ancient Emperor's Hidden Treasure, the Mystic Bird Palace, and the Linglong Treasury.

It seemed like they were people with great luck, and Li Yu should obtain a lot of treasures through them.

"But, Senior Brother, what is going on these days? Why are those people here to rope you in?" Tang Chi sat upon the ground and asked Li Yu.

This was the biggest question in his mind.

"Because of the Heavenly Dao Rankings!" Li Yu simply informed Tang Chi about the Heavenly Dao Rankings.

"So that's how it is!" Tang Chi jumped up excitedly. "There's actually such a miracle! But why can't we see it here? Sigh, seriously!"

Tang Chi looked east with his toes up. He could not see anything except the blazing sunlight.

"Alright, shut up already. Come over and help me count my winnings today!" Li Yu took out all the spirit stones, magic treasures, and pills he'd won from the bet earlier.

More than 16,000 spirit stones were piled into a small mountain, emitting refreshing spirit energy.

With a casual inhale, it seemed to fill one's body with power and vitality.

Tang Chi felt that if he stood by the side, the spirit energy in his body would increase rapidly without any cultivation.

Tang Chi's eyes could shoot out lasers as he looked at the large pile of spirit stones in front of him.

He had never seen so many spirit stones before. He had broadened his horizons today.

In addition, there were many precious spiritual plants, pills, and magic treasures.

"Here, have this Marrow Cleansing Pill. It can cleanse your marrow and improve your physique. Also, this Azure Essence Pill and Taichi Pill can assist your cultivation and improve your cultivation speed.

"With the help of these pills, you should be able to advance to the peak of the Qi Refinement realm quickly. At that time, you can directly take this Foundation Establishment Pill and try to break through to the Foundation Establishment realm in one go!" Li Yu handed bottle after bottle of pills to Tang Chi.

Tang Chi was stunned for a moment as he looked at the bottles in his hand in surprise. He looked at Li Yu in disbelief and asked, "Senior Brother, are… are these pills for me?"

"What else can I do? You're my only junior brother for now. Plus, I can't use these pills!" Li Yu said casually.

"Thank you, Senior Brother. Thank you, Senior Brother. This is great. I finally see the hope of breaking through to the Foundation Establishment realm!" Tang Chi hugged Li Yu and was moved to the point of tears.

"Don't worry. If you follow your senior brother, even if you're a pig, I can still make you soar into the sky!" Li Yu said with a smile.

"Yes, yes, thank you… Eh, why do I feel insulted?"

"Oh, and take these magic artifacts as well as this spirit sword!" Li Yu gave Elder Jia's spirit sword to Tang Chi.

Tang Chi had become Li Qingyun's disciple when he was ten years old. He and Li Yu grew up together. Although they were not blood-related, they were very close.

Over the years, Tang Chi never abandoned the sect. Even if everyone else left the sect, he had never thought of it.

Besides, he did most of the dirty and tiring work in the temple and did not complain.

Hence, apart from Li Qingshan, Tang Chi was closest to him.

Li Yu would not be stingy to help him.

Perhaps Tang Chi's talent was indeed very ordinary or even somewhat poor.

However, in Li Yu's opinion, talent was only the starting point. As the saying went, strength could make a brick fly.

As long as he had enough resources, his limit could be limitless.

Furthermore, he had the system. Why would he be worried about not being able to bring his junior brother along?

In the Zhu Family residence, when Zhu Xiaotian heard what went down when the Crown Prince, the princes, and the various family clans had gone to recruit Li Yu, he was also shocked.

He originally thought that Li Yu's abilities might only slightly surpass his own.

Even if he did not get rid of him, he only needed to speed up his cultivation and improve himself. Then, he could overtake Li Yu directly when the rankings refreshed the next time to become the true number one.

Therefore, over the past few days, Zhu Xiaotian had relied on various pills, spirit herbs, and spirit stones to assist him in his cultivation in a bid to surpass Li Yu.

However, after hearing the news, his heart turned cold.

The Transcendent realm!

A seventeen-year-old in the Transcendent realm? How is that possible!

Zhu Xiaotian could not believe this fact.

Even in his previous life, he had never heard of anyone reaching the Transcendence realm at the age of seventeen.

In the entire history of the continent, only the Martial Emperor Qing Cang had such talent.

This Li Yu is too freakish.

How can I surpass him!

Zhu Xiaotian was about to explode.

He now firmly believed Li Yu could not be kept alive.

However, while he was shocked, he had lived two lifetimes after all. He could still rationalize his thinking.

Therefore, after his shock, he began to analyze the current situation.

Since Li Yu is clearly inclined to choose the crown prince, the third prince, Murong Taisheng, and the fifth prince, Murong Zhengnan, probably would not let him stay around.

Especially after he revealed such a terrifying talent, he must have become the thorn in their heartsthe type that had to be eliminated.

So, even if I don't do anything next, Li Yu would probably not survive by the next time the leaderboard is refreshed.