Heavenly Dao Rankings: I Am Exposed As The Sword God

Li Yu transmigrated to a world of the cultivation and martial arts. He became the head disciple of a low-ranking sect. Coinciding with the decline of the righteous Path, demons rampaged across a chaotic world. He planned to train until he was invincible before leaving the mountain. However, when he was 17, the Heavenly Dao Rankings suddenly descended upon the world. Whoever made the rankings would receive the rewards of the Heavenly Dao. This shocked the world. What was even more shocking was that the person who placed first on the Hidden Dragon Rankings was Li Yu from an unknown sect!!! Overnight, Li Yu became famous all over the world. However, this was only the beginning. When the Divine Weapon Rankings, Blood Physique Rankings, Natural Oddities Rankings, Sons of Heaven Rankings, Sect Rankings and many more appeared one after another, the entire world was astonished!

7 Years 7 Days · Eastern
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512 Chs

Your Race is Only Worthy of Becoming a Mount for Us Humans (1)

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"Animals are animals. They will always be wolves with a wild ambition!" One of the Primordial Dao Holy Land's exclaimed.

"I knew that the demons wouldn't give up on our human race! I didn't expect it to happen so soon!"

"Grand Elder, what do we do? There are too many of them. I wonder if our grand array can hold on!"

"It's fine. Such a situation occurs every few tens of thousands of years. They might have the advantage in numbers. And they might appear united, but the demon race is a motley crew. There's nothing to fear!" Perfected Tian Yu, the grand elder of the Primordial Dao Holy Land, said.

Yet, it was not only the Primordial Dao Holy Land facing such a crisis. The Violet Palace Holy Land and the Divine Firmament Holy Land were the same.

Lion King Xin Teng led his clan, plus the tens of thousands from the Holy Ape and Demon Ox Clan, in the sky above the Divine Firmament Holy Land.