In a certain corner at a certain time of the myriad universe, there was once a large Dynasty by the name of Imperial Xia Dynasty. The Imperial Xia Dynasty was big and strong enough to rule the entire planet with an iron fist but it was not alone in its endeavour for it was supported by four other clans who acted as its vassal, but our story begins not with the Royal Clan but with one of its vassals the Vance clan, where the daughter-in-law of the Clan head, who also just so happens to be the only beloved little sister of the current Emperor of the Imperial Xia Dynasty had gone into labour.

The people of the Vance clan are getting busy for the arrival of a new member and the start of a new saga. The Vance clan one of the four major clans supporting the imperial dynasty XIA, a clan of thousands of followers and millennia-old history, people may think why they are so busy with such a big clan and thousands of people surely there are births taking place among its member so what is the big deal. But, when they learn that the next in line for the clan's patriarch is having a child then everyone's head starts turning especially when the mother of the said child was the sister of the Emperor, the Emperor who is till heirless, that makes everyone pay extra attention to as they had already started plotting and planning even before the arrival of the child.

Thousands of questions, queries were being made as well as some even started cursing the child out of jealousy even if it was the third child of the Heavenly Duo once a millennium genius Fang and Sabine is going to be born today, many such questions ran through everyone's mind, 'Will he be a heaven-defying genius like his parents?? Like his siblings??', or 'Will the Emperor finally make one of the children of his sister his heir', amongst many other things like how to make my son or daughter approach the child when he is old enough, while some cursed the child to be cripple to satisfy their nefarious schemes and plots.

A heroic-looking man with golden-haired and some black streaks running through them paced in front of a room impatiently, his sapphire coloured eyes were etched with concern and nervousness, as he listened to his wife scream with pain his heart almost gave out, he wanted to dash inside the room but was stopped as he did not want to cause a problem for his abrupt arrival.

Fang was losing his patients fast as such he could not help but swear out loud, "Damn it, how long do I have to wait it has been a whole day since she went into labour even during Joseph and jacklin's birth it did not take such a long time if I remember correctly my twins were born within 8 hours, so why is it taking so LONG!!!!", he roared out in anger before he paced even more furiously as he spoke with fear in his voice, "Is the midwife reliable enough, if something goes wrong I will make her rue the day she was born."

An older looking gentleman, who looks almost the same as a middle-aged person but with lots of white hair unlike the other in front of him, shook his head as he spoke with a sigh, "Patience child you are already on half a step away from the Golden Immortal realm yet you are so impatient, sigh, how will I finally retire if you still act an impatient hot-headed brat after all these years so that I could cultivate in peace upon you inheriting my title. Did you forget the child that your mother is already helping your wife plus the same midwife had helped during 'Fefe' and 'Sari's birth, so have patience."

Fang: "But father....".

Seeing his son still protesting the elderly person gave him a small smile as he spoke, "For the child taking so much time to be born can mean only one thing that the child is special remember that son, not to mention strong as well and as for your wife did you forget she is at the same realm as yourself so have some faith on her, after all, how can she overcome the hurdle when her husband is unable to have faith on her.

Whatever Fang was going to say was stopped by as a loud cry was heard heralding the arrival of the newest member of the clan.

Fang's father Salazar smiled at him as he spoke, "See how strong the cry is told you that your youngest is special and strong."

Fang's smile threatened to split his face and as the midwife opened the door of the room while announcing to the world, "Its a boy", Fang could wait no longer as he dashed in to greet his newborn and his tired-looking wife.

"Please let me hold him", came a weak voice from the mother of the child, a very beautiful woman with red hair and violet eyes as she looked at the bundle lovingly.

A stern-looking black haired older women chiding her with a small smile on her face," Sabi please lie down on the bed you are still weak, and here is your little boy."

The happy and joyous moment within the family was interrupted as a sudden storm erupted shouting at the top of her lungs, "Sabi Sabi, let me see my little nephew".

"XIAO XIAO, will you keep yourself in control or will I have to", scolded the older women.

"Mah mah let her celebrate my dear wife, after all, it is her little nephew's birth," said the older man only to wither under his wife's scathing glare.

"It is your entire fault dear husband of mine, you spoiled her rotten to the core".

"Hehehe, but sister-in-law I hope you have not forgotten the promise I have the naming rights", stated an unashamed younger copy of Salazar's wife Beatrice.

Sabine tiredly nodded at her as she spoke, "Of course sister, I remember the promise, though I hope you have a good name for my baby boy."

Xiao Xiao puffed up her chest as she spoke, "Do not worry I have prepared a list of around 2000 names for both boy and girl and now we will have to pick a suitable one for my baby nephew."

"Oy oy let me hold my son", exclaimed Fang who had been pushed aside by Xiao Xiao upon her arrival.

Xiao Xiao was about to argue only for her father to prevent her from speaking as he spoke with a small smile, "Child I think it is prudent to let the father hold his newborn first, I have been stopping him from barging into the room for the last 24 hours although I failed at stopping him from making that trench from pacing too much."

Xiao Xiao giggled at that as she spoke

The woman looked lovingly at her husband as she handed their newborn child to her husband.

"Welcome to our world my child", the man held his youngest son carefully in his arms as the child looked at him with wide eyes, his small mouth forming an 'o'.

The child seemed to be a perfect mixture between his parents to the point he was heterochromatic, with cerulean and the other amethyst colour but what made him love his child, even more, was the red coloured hair that he had inherited from his mother that Fang loved so much.

He lowered his head as he placed a small kiss on his forehead as he spoke with tears of happiness in his eyes, "Welcome child welcome our precious baby boy".

Even after his wife had given birth to their twin children previously and he had held them in his arms to him it still felt a new experience he never thought he would once again feel the same joy and happiness when he first became a father.

As he held his son in his arms Fang decided to check his potential as he slowly inserted his KI into his newborn son, for a moment he was stunned his face went through a myriad of emotions before he settles on frowning as he spoke, "This....".

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