Prologue 1

Author note: the story will start from chapter 1. The prologue introduces the background story of the MC, skip it if you are not interested, but I will recommend you to read it.

Ayaan's life couldn't be said good or bad. He was just an ordinary boy with dreams and ambitions like any teenager. Being a single child, his father and mother pampered him. His father was an entrepreneur, and their life was quite happy and peaceful.

There weren't many friends, but Ayaan liked his simple life without any worry. However, one day his life turned upside down when he heard about his parent's accident.

Ayaan arrived at the hospital, where he found that his mother passed away. Half a day didn't pass when he received news of his father's death as well. The pain and loneliness burst out of his eyes as tears. Alas, the agony of his heart didn't reduce after shedding tears.

In this world, he was all alone. There was no one to support him as his parents did. No one to restrain him and neither to pamper. Sorrow drowned him, and loneliness haunted him. He didn't know what to do and where to go when his uncle arrived.

Ayaan thought he had found another family once more, and he treated his uncle like he treated his father. The loneliness and emptiness in his heart decreased gradually. Although he knew they couldn't replace his parents, he still treated his uncle's family as his own.

Though obscured to him, his kind-looking uncle was plotting something evil. Behind his back, he cheated Ayaan and snatched all the properties which were rightfully his. Then the actual colours of everyone showed. Ayaan became only a servant, anyone could insult. His loving and gentle cousin bullied him regularly.

He would invite his friends to torture Ayaan for their entertainment. One minor mistake, and they would beat him into a bloody pulp. They would laugh and jeer at his miserable condition.

Regardless, he didn't have the strength to fight with them. His only choice was to endure, endure and endure even more. But one day, he accidentally heard a conversation between his uncle and cousin.

"Father, I can't believe how easily we snatched everything from that dumb cousin."

"Humph! What do you know? I had to kill my brother- and sister-in-law for getting all this."

A shocked and enraged Ayaan, being controlled by hatred, he attacked his uncle. Alas, how could a teenager match the well-built body of a middle-aged man?

They had beaten him up miserably, and when his body turned into a bloody mess, they realised he wasn't breathing anymore. They threw his body in the woods, which wasn't far away from Ayaan's house.

As everyone left, Ayaan opened his eyes and panted heavily as he murmured. "Thank god, those idiots only checked my breathing, not my heartbeat, or else, I would have died for real."

He looked around and realised that he was lying on the roots of an enormous banyan tree. After looking around for sometime, on the massive stem of the tree, he found a cave. Ayaan pondered then sighed, "I don't have anywhere to go anyway, let's rest in this cave for tonight." He crawled into its entrance, but what he saw made his eyes bulged almost out of their sockets.

After entering the cave, he realised it wasn't an ordinary place. Two passages were leading to some unknown places. 'Is there some treasure hidden in this place? Hehe,' he wondered in a self-mocking way. Had his shitty luck turned for better?

Ayaan walked towards one of the passage. However, the dreadful feeling instantly creeped out from his heart, and cold sweat drenched his body, making his heart tremble in fear.

"Wh-what was that feeling?" frightened expression appeared on his face.

Without thinking much, he took a few steps back. Not daring to move towards that passage again. After calming down he looked towards another passage, but this time, he hadn't felt a creepy feeling. Therefore he walked into that passage.

After walking for half an hour in the passage, Ayaan again ended up in the same cave he was previously. After examining his surrounding, he saw the dark and eerie path, which made his heart tremble in fear. He never felt something like that before in his life, even when he was on the verge of death.

"Did I return to the same place?" He looked around in a confusion and walked towards the exit.

After walking out of the cave, he saw a completely different place. When he entered the cave, it was night, but now it was a day here. 'How can this be? It's been only half an hour.' He wondered.

At the moment, he didn't know where he ended up, but he was confident that this place wasn't earth because two suns hung in the sky. He looked around curiously but wasn't able to find anything special..

Therefore he wandered around, and then, he saw many amazing creatures. Some of them were savage, while some looked beautiful. He encountered many vicious battles between the beasts.

However, he didn't dare to go near any of them and maintained his distance from even weak-looking beasts. Who knows what they might hide behind that harmless nature? His father always told him: the green forest that looked beautiful from outside is the most dangerous place, because its beauty may be hiding many vicious and cruel predators, ready to catch you unprepared.


At this moment, when he was wandering here and there, he heard a sound from the bushes. He looked at the bush vigilantly, but nothing came out of it. In the end the curiosity got the better of him, and he walked towards it, to see the noises' source.

When he reached the bush, he tumbled back in shock, because there laid a body in the pool of blood. He looked around and saw no one.

Only then Ayaan walked towards it and turned the body around. What came in front of him was the gorgeous face. She was looking around the same age as him 'Who is this girl? What is she doing here, and why has she injured this heavily?' many questions appeared inside his head.

However, he thought a little and gently put her on his back and took her into the cave.

Afterwards, he put her on the ground like a doll of glass. He knew nothing about medicine, and when he was figuring out what to do, the girl opened her eyes and said in her sweet voice, "Where am I?"

She looked around, and her gaze fell on Ayaan and became alert abruptly. At the moment, blood drowned his intact body and was wearing tattered clothes like a beggar. Any girl would have the same reaction as her.

Ayaan noticed the change in her countenance, and he knew what she was thinking. "You need not worry, I mean no harm. You were unconscious in the woods, and many wild animals in the forests could hurt your injured self; that's why I carried you here." He explained gently.

Only after hearing him, her face somewhat relaxed, but she didn't trust him completely. She looked around and asked, "Where is this cave?"

Ayaan looked at her in confusion because he was in the same cave, and he could see two passages leading to somewhere. But from the girl's expression in front of him, he knew she wasn't able to see these two portals.

Ayaan recounted all the events which happened to him and realised he missed an important detail. When he entered the cave, the blood dripped from his body, leaving blood traces on the ground.

He felt a new connection with the portal instantly, but paid no attention to it at that time. Now, it seems he formed a bond with the passages, and only he can see and cross between two worlds.

Ayaan hid his excitement behind his smile and said, "Um... I also don't know this place. I am just living in this place."

The girl thought little about it. There were many people without a home who live in the forest. She turned to him and again asked: "Do you know any source of water around here? I need to wash."

He thought and nodded, "When I was looking around, I saw a pond not far away from here, but your condition isn't good, shouldn't you rest sometime?"

She stood up and said with a smiling face, "I am alright, no need to worry."

A surprised expression appeared on Ayaan's face when he saw she could still stand up on her legs, but asked nothing. She walked away for a bath, leaving him behind, alone.

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