Heaven defying lottery system ; Trapped for 1,00,000 years !

A young man is died and gets reincarnated with a heaven-defying lottery system. Daily free 10 Rare draw Daily free 1 legend draw During his first draw, he gets space-time in prison and mistakenly traps himself inside of it. No matter how much time passes inside or outside it's just a second luckily he can get daily draws inside of Spacetime prison. ~~~ Boom! Come out of prison after 1,00,000 years with max cultivation and skills outside the world it's just 1 sec. “ Haha I am invincible "The man proclaims I am a newbie at writing so, please wait till 30+ chaps I will slowly but surely increase my writing skills. ..... All tags #sect leader #sect building #world creation #R18 #Harem #cultivation #school of life #Anti Anti-hero #villain #world fusion #multiple said people #op mc #0 losses #beautiful female lead #Op female lead #loyal subordinate #sect building #Nine heaven world #different world #modern technology #future technology #supernatural #magic #loyal female lead #No ntr #Mob Mc #threesome #Milf #system #Eye power #domon #angel #Dungeon #god #fuck Saitama #Countering Mc, antagonist.

Sun_Jinwoo · Fantasy
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104 Chs

Trapped - part 2

soul :

. qi forging 1-12

. qi master 1-12

. foundation 1-12

. golden core 1-12

. soul wandering 1-12

. nascent soul 1-12

. ensoulment 1-20

.nihility 1-20

.ascension 1-20

.half immortal 1-20

.immortal 1-20

.profound immortal 1-50

. Golden immortal 1-50

. immortal vulnerable 1-55

.immortal kind 1-60

.immortal emperor 1-60

.Demi god 1-120

.God 1- 200 ( su Feng's current ) { from here one whole realm equal 1 to 2 in while realm increase lottery, and early to mid in level rise lottery )

.True god 1-100

. Ancient god 1-100

.Celestial 1-500

. constellation 1-1000

and finally Immortal creator with the infinite realm

mind : ( early, mud, high, peak, bottleneck )

. spiritual Beginner/apprentice

. spiritual elite

.spiritual master

. spiritual grandmaster.

. spiritual supreme

. spiritual sage/saint

. spiritual being

. higher spiritual being

. spiritual god ( su Feng current )

.spiritual deity

. spiritual constellations

. celestial spiritual realm

. spiritual Ancestor

. spiritual eye formation (the third eye of spirit is awakened which can be shown or not as desire )

. and finally spiritual creator

sword : ( 1-12realmsm in all )

. sword beginner

. sword elite

. sword master

.sword grandmaster

. sword great grandmaster ( no great gm in spiritual)

.sword supreme

.sword saint ( start to have sword intent)

. sword spirit creation

.sword emperor

. sword demi-god

. sword god

. sword deity

. celestial sword

.one sword/ one with a sword ( su Feng current )

.and finally primordial sword with an infinite realm.

•alchemy/ array formation/weapon forging / talisman making:


. Elite

. Master

. Grandmaster

.Great grandmaster

. supreme

. Lord



.God ( current su wan in all ) ]

" system is that all for cultivation " Su wan asked

Back to host, Yes that's all ]

su wan: Then what about Martial arts

[ Martial arts is cheap/lower version of cultivation martial god ( su yve ) is not even equal to foundation realm and is very time-consuming.

however, in the host's current world only martial arts are practiced which Francaise as follows :

. beginner

. black iron

. elite

. master

.grand master ( qi forging 2 )

.martial supreme

. martial lord

.martial king

.martial emperor

. martial sage

.martial god

.and finally martial deity ( equal to the foundation )

listening to the system explanation, Su yve who su wan thought was very strong, was not even ant compared to Su Feng.

su wan respect for Cultivation skyrocketed.

After that, he sits cross leg and starts to cultivate but he didn't forget the lottery...


10 years have passed inside

Su Wan's cultivation base skyrocketed but he also practices his alchemy, array, a talisman in meantime.

he daily uses the lottery for tons of items, however, he didn't receive the car, villa money, etc. system rules are based on the world he is in, and in the current situation,

He doesn't need those items at all.

he also gains some bloodline, pills, he forged his body with pills and beauty pills

his physic and charm have skyrocketed, reaching a Charm value of 102 ( broken mortal boundary of charm ).

..... 100 years have passed

[ Congratulations host for staying with the system for 100 years, rewarding 10 godly draws ]

seeing these his eyes shows some emotion, he chooses to draw the lottery immediately...

[ Ding congratulations to the host for gaining unknown Rank Indestructible Body ( can be fuse ) ]

[ Ding ... unknown rank bloodline Of ' sage Tang' ]

[ .... Supernatural ability: reality manipulation ]

[ ..... supernatural ability: Time control ( pause, time travels to past, etc ) ]

[ ..... unknown rank inheritance of Calamity bringer ]

[ .... unknown rank Flame of darkness ]

[ .... Unknown Rank Buddha heart ]

[ .... unknown Rank primordial saber ]

[ Supernatural ability: Life & death rular ]

[ ..... ... unknown rank dual cultivation, flower emperor Body ]

seeing such a reward he did what anyone would have done " fuse it "

[ Ding fusion successful ]

[ Ding due to inheritance of calamity being fused, others can't be fused so, they are kept in system inventory ]


The area which only had a small home and mountains land is now fully covered by snow mountains and hills, at the sky there is a flying temple-like building where Su wan live.

there is some blood on the ground that was dropped by animals when su wan was practicing his combat with wild animals and spiritual animals generated by the system.


Soon 1,000 years passed

[ Ding congratulations host for staying with the system for 1000 years, reward rewarding all cultivation +10 realms ]

suddenly Su wan felt Energy rushing through his veins and his blood start to boil.


10,000 years passed

[ Ding congratulations host for staying with the system for 10,000 years. rewarding all cultivation base realm + 10, Unknown Rank battle servant coupon, 10 godly draws ]

he used godly draws he got great weapons and supernatural abilities.

Every time he spins the godly draw he gets good rewards.

he can't use the unknown rank servant card as he is not in the world where people live he is in a prison where people cant enter. he even tries to use coupons but failed

[ Ding servant summon failed, use where lives are available]

suddenly ' shhhh' sound was heard

su wan smiled...

Beast which was in the god realm was cut to pieces, size equal to Atoms.

Su was practicing sword intent. his killing intent was also great after the inheritance of calamity. he can kill god realm beast only with killing intent.

..... time passes

Many many years later

[ Ding congratulations Host for staying with the system for 1,00,000 years all cultivation base +50 realm and all items in the shop from common - god rank are now free ]

....finally, time in prison has ended Su wan come back to the mortal realm now...

He has now long shiny black hair, deep red eyes, 6'2 height, and a masculine body.

Also, the immortal and deadly aura can't be forgotten.

seeing Su wan vanish and came out of thin air suddenly in a matter of seconds shocked both su Feng and Su Yve.

su Feng noticed Su wan aura have changed and nodded before he felt ' su wan was very mysterious ' now he can't sense even the slightest bit of him.

he even was a little scared of su wan sensing his fearsome aura.


looking at Su Yve and Su Feng, Su wan nodded and signal them to leave him alone.

Su Feng and su yve went inside the villa, and Su wan opened his attribute ane.

HOST: Su wan

identity: Loser ( people view ), balance keeper ( system view )

charm: 103

cultivation :

soul: immortal creator 101

min spiritual creator 101 ( spiritual creators is only minded cultivation with the further realm in it )

body: Nirvana lotus 101 realms.

sword cultivation: primordial sword 101 realms.


Su wan created a spaced array to separate his villa from the space of Blue star (the current planet he is in )

he also uses spiritual formation Array of God rank to increase the Qi flow inside his villa.

he also used illusion Array so, No one outside his circle can enter his villa.


su yve and Feng felt an increase in spiritual fluctuation. however, Su Feng also felt space fluctuate and illusion power with his sense.

suddenly a jade appear in front of su yve and su fen, it was jade that protect them from Illusion and space rift.

space connecting su wan villa was now connected with the space-time prison he was in, which system modified and is now a suitable place to cultivate immortality.

as jade falls, the Unknown rank cultivation sutra of each cultivation, body forming pill and beauty pills also fell in front of Su Feng and Su yve.

both looked at sutras and pills and kneeled.

" Thank you, master," both said in the same voice ( same time.

Su wan who was outside nodded.