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[Warning : MATURE CONTENT] "Don't look at me like that Morpheous! Please!" Her quivering lips begged, but her ignited breath flamed nothing but sinful desires in him. "Ask me anything tonight Caroline, but don't ask me to stay away from you." Echoed his raspy voice as he cupped her chin tenderly. His smoldering amber eyes were fixated on her lips, aching to touch her softness for just a fleeting second. But the moment he leaned closer, something got etched on the wall next to her in a hue of yellow and vermilion. His jaws clenched and taking a step back, he cursed. "You!" "You need to stay away from me!" And she saw his amber eyes burn with a flicker of blue! --------------------------------------------------------------- He was a ‘Healer’, unlike his brothers who possessed immense angelic powers and craved for more, and she was a ‘Mortal’, passionate about doing her best to save human lives. Banished from the land of God, when he was thrown to earth; his wings clipped, she entered his life. Pained by the treachery of his brothers and the distrust of his father, the fallen angel was left with no reason to exist, but she showed him that there was more to earth than he knew about. She intrigued him, annoyed him but at the same time made him feel alive again. But the problem was, the more he got to know her, the more he was smitten. And angels were not supposed to fall in love with earthly beings. He became her shadow, but for her, he was her lifeline. But she had no clue that he had a hidden plan all long. What will happen when she gets to know that the man that she was head over heels in love with, was someone who was not even a human, for he was an angel, who had been sired by the devil. What will happen when he has to choose between her and the path to redemption? Read more and get swayed in the intense love affair of Morpheous and Caroline. ------------------------------------ Cover - I do not own this cover. I have just edited it. If you have any issues then kindly let me know. I will take it down Instagram - niharikabhol Discord - https://discord.gg/cPVJ69e Mentor - Piokilek (My friend, philosopher and guide. Do read his books!)

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Finding a prey

Tumbling through the vortex of space, Lord Oberon landed on earth along with his gremlin Mogwai. Although he wanted to bind Morpheous to earth, he had no desire to do it himself. But as this was an order from his brother Nubeous, he had no other escape route.

When he landed near Seattle High, he scrunched up his nose and tucked his enormous angelic wings back.

"This place is indeed a gutter Mogwai!" He said and placed his tiny gremlin on the dirty asphalt road. The signboard of Seattle High flickered, and he turned around and saw insects hovering around the streetlights.

Batting his big yellow eyes, Mogwai said, "Give me a minute, master!" He tried to snap his fingers to spread the fragrance of Vanaheimr, but nothing happened. Frustrated, he kept snapping his fingers when Lord Oberon muttered, "Brother was right! Only the main virtuous power of yours will work here. What spell have you cast on father?" And he looked up, hoping for his brother to see the abysmal condition that he was in.

"I miss Vanaheimr," Mogwai said and drooped his flappy ears down because the earth was nothing compared to Vanaheimr's beauty.

Vanaheimr, also known as - 'The land where they belonged', was the kingdom where God prevailed. There was an ethereal feeling to that place. The terra firma was lined with scented Geraniums, covering the ground like a plush red carpet. The trees grew so big that they almost touched the sky. Everything was beautiful and magical there, for it was the land carved by God himself.

So it was natural that Lord Oberon developed an instant dislike for earth even before exploring it.

Looking at the dejected face of Mogwai, Lord Oberon muttered, "Me too, Mogwai," and taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes and tried to remember the map of Seattle that his brother had shown him earlier.

"Follow me. Let's see what my brother is up to!"

Throughout his life, Lord Oberon had always obeyed and followed Lord Nubeous, for he believed that his brother was the one who was soon going to become the next successor of God. He was the most powerful and also the most ambitious one, but God had always doted on their youngest brother Morpheous who was the weakest of all.

God had conjured the power of the elementals and had created them with his own divine hands. He had endowed upon them a unique power each, based on their strengths and capabilities of their mind. He honed their individual skills so that no power in the universe could be pitted against them. His ultimate goal was to make all of them individually invincible against any dark power. 

Each of his brothers was worshiped and revered by the people of Vanaheimr for the powers they possessed. But unlike other angels, Morpheous didn't have extraordinary powers. He was born with only the power to heal others. Morpheous always lived under the shade of his father while he, along with his brothers, took care of the realms of the universe.

So when God decided to pass on his powers to Morpheous, Lord Nubeous couldn't take it. He plotted with Diabolos - The Satan God, who inked Morpheous and made God believe that he was the one who had been sired by the devil. Pained with the treachery of Morpheous, God had cast him away on earth along with spells that diminished the power of any unearthly being.

And since the primary power of Lord Oberon was soul control, Lord Nubeous had deliberately sent him to earth so that he could enter any human's body and control the behavior of Morpheous.

"Master, where are we going?"

"To see the human that has fascinated my brother."

"Humans repel me, master. Dirty beings!"

"Just a few earth days, Mogwai. Then we go back to Vanaheimr." And Lord Oberon perched his wings in the sky and lifted Mogwai in his hands as he left for Bellevue Residential area.

Landing just a block away from house no.119, Lord Oberon saw Morpheous brother walking out of the house.

"Master! Morpheus!" Mogwai whispered and pointed one of his three fingers in the direction of the main door.

"I have eyes too!" Lord Oberon silenced him bitterly, but then a wretched smile etched on his face, and he walked towards Caroline's house to enter her body, but before he could enter her house, he saw Morpheous coming back.

"Master hide!" Mogwai squealed, and Lord Oberon hid behind the tall bushes of her front porch. He clenched his fist in anger and closed his eyes, for hiding underneath a bush was something that was not what angels did. Had it been Vanaheimr, he could have just disappeared.

For God's sake, he was an angel and the master of the soul realm. Hiding in fear was not something he was cut out for.

"Calm down, master. I will find a way to get in." Mogwai said and hopped down from the arms of Lord Oberon.

Mogwai had been the most loyal gremlin that Lord Oberon owned, and one of the major powers of the creature was the ability to absorb knowledge. He could simply observe things and understand them in a minute. And this was the very reason Lord Oberon had got him along with him to understand the way earth worked, for he had never been interested in a weak planet like earth and had no idea how humans behaved.

That puny little green creature which was not even a foot long tall slowly started moving towards Caroline's bedroom window and placed his ears on the glass. But he wasn't able to hear a word.

Worried and disappointed, he turned towards Lord Oberon,

"Master, why can't I hear anything?" His big yellow eyes batted innocently.

Lord Oberon's jaws hardened, and he got up as Morpheous was already inside. "Didn't I tell you father has put spells on earth? Only your primary power will work, Mogwai. We have to find some other way. Let's go. Morpheous can sense we are here."

And they saw the bedroom lights turn off.

"Hmmffff…" Mogwai grumbled and pounced his tiny hand on the window glass, breaking it into pieces.

"Mogwai, behave," Lord Oberon yelled, and scooping him in his arms, he perched his wings out.

"Master, how will you enter her soul if he is always around?"

"Seattle High has a lot of people. I will find another suitable prey!"

And a devious smile etched on his face as he soared in the sky, but not before casting a blood spell.

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