75 Selection (2)

"Gene De Rossi," Elder Vess said. "What do you think of him?"

June narrowed her eyes, unsure why she was asking all this. "How old is he?" she asked instead.

"His bio says twenty," Elder Vess smiled. "But I'd say he's a couple of years younger than that."

"His voice didn't entail he hadn't gone through puberty yet," June added.

"Poor boy," Elder Vess laughed. "The idea of changing his voice didn't come to his mind when he disguised himself to look older."

"He's disguised?" June drew her eyes as they glowed in silver light, looking at the boy, who was standing alone among the students who were doing their own thing. 

She finally picked up on the disguise, it was unique. She couldn't tell how he accomplished it without studying further. Gene looked like an older version of himself, which seemed to contrast with the face she saw with her Eyes, but it was his face alright. Or rather, it would be.


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