88 Runesmith

"I'm somewhat of a runesmith myself."

"You are joking," Miss Arden said, clearly not believing the words.

Warden smiled and took the real spear from her hand. He infused some amount of energy into it and checked. Although the scripts were hidden from prying eyes, he could somewhat detect them through the benefits they provided.

"There are four-by-six empowering scripts, two-by-four amplification scripts, and the restoration shell is barely one-by-six. Unfortunately, the spear could have used more shells to be of better benefit. I guess the one who made this was somewhat new to runesmithing," Warden said, and found Miss Arden's face turning red. "Other than that, there were some enchantments on the spear. I guess that is through the special forging process and the fire used to forge it."

Miss Arden's eyes widened sharply, and the same calculated look appeared in her eyes.


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