60 Interview

"So, Professor June, may I show it to him in public?" Warden asked, slightly amused. "In case you're wondering, I'm referring to my sword."


"You'll have plenty of time to mess around after you've completed the test," June admonished him. "Now, please go inside."


Of course, she escorted him inside while Warden engaged in small talk to gain a better understanding of the test.


"The first part will be an interview," June explained. "Given your condition, I'm sure it'll be a disaster for you... the same goes for the teaching component. Your only real chance of getting in will be through the combat test."


"How many have applied for the position?" Warden inquired.


"For our academy alone, over two hundred qualified," June detailed. "They will be tested throughout the week, and only twenty-four combat instructors and six healers will be appointed."



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