Heaven's Greatest Professor

Warden wakes up in a wilderness with a hole in his mind, deprived of all his memories. Lost, he found within himself an aptitude for combat and magic. On happenstance, he rescues a pair of youths and an entire village, pushing him into a renowned academy of mages and warriors alike to become a teacher. Warden adventures across the divided land of Ezim, determined to unravel the mysteries of his past. However, the task becomes incredibly hazardous when his own path—the ruinous power of Void that runs through his veins—holds a connection to the Traitor Gods, who threaten to cast their shadow upon the world once more. ____________

EG0 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
332 Chs


They stayed for about an hour, even after the checkup was done, mostly discussing matters related to body, mind, and spirit. However, although the conversation was worthwhile, it only seemed to make Warden more depressed about his condition.

Apparently, whatever had happened to him shouldn't have wiped his memory if it had worked the way it was supposed to. But from her checkup, Elder Allen found that he was specifically made to have his memories wiped in such a way that even his spirit was somewhat disconnected from his mind. This was probably why the mind attribute was so challenging to improve.

Despite not being a sage on the subject, she found a dissonance in the synergy of his physique, mind, and Spirit.