Heaven's Greatest Professor

Warden wakes up in a wilderness with a hole in his mind, deprived of all his memories. Lost, he found within himself an aptitude for combat and magic. On happenstance, he rescues a pair of youths and an entire village, pushing him into a renowned academy of mages and warriors alike to become a teacher. Warden adventures across the divided land of Ezim, determined to unravel the mysteries of his past. However, the task becomes incredibly hazardous when his own path—the ruinous power of Void that runs through his veins—holds a connection to the Traitor Gods, who threaten to cast their shadow upon the world once more. ____________

EG0 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
337 Chs


Elder Vessel nodded. "Can I ask for your reason?"

June sucked in a deep breath to collect her thoughts. Although Elder Vess asked her about the matter in an offhanded manner, she recognised what it meant. The offer could be termed as a way to prepare for a successor for the post of an elder in the future. Unfortunately, June was an elf, which would complicate the matter if she had the desire for the role.

"Ignoring everything else, I am a ranker," June said. "I do enjoy teaching, but currently, all my focus needs to be on myself. There are still too many things for me to learn, too many paths for me to walk on."

"Fair," Elder Vess said. "Looks like I need to take a secretary or assistant like those businessmen."

With everything done, they talked a little about things in their lives before saying goodbye. After they came out of the house, he asked June what was all that about, even though he understood the gist of it.