Heatherland. Book

novel - Eastern


GMS Jakers

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Peter and Micah...two orphans that can only trust one another. But they are not what they seem... They don't know...that they are princes in the Kingdom of Heatherland. They don't know...about the ongoing war between the Ikes and the Heathers. They don't know...that the Ikes wants to take over the world into their twisted rule, and want to destroy their strongest opponent: The Heathers. They don't know...that they are Heatherland's last hope. They don't know...that they hold a power that uses nature to their benefit. Lightning, earth, fire, and everything that is natural. They don't know...that power must be given to them by an orb. They don't know...the troubles they face, the friends they lose, the lives they risk. They don't know at all. But they soon will, in Heatherland.