I could feel my heart in my throat, and my palms shaking but I couldn't take my eyes off her. Every move she made drew my eyes with an irresistible pull. The roars of the arena barely registered in my mind. All I could see was her flawless figure. I was both scared and enchanted by her. Her short black hair was messily strewn across her face, her tattooed arms clenched at her side as she threw punch after punch. Desperation clung to her beautiful face and she struggled against her opponent. Her opponent threw a kick toward her face, I held my breath and my heart pounded harder against my ribcage. To see her gorgeous face marred by a scar would be a shame to all men and women. She quickly dodged and threw a punch at her with a speed that could be considered inhuman, her opponent fell and didn't get back up. The thunderous roar of the crowd could be felt and heard for miles.

"The winner of this fight and the reigning UFC Women's champion for the past five years, Riley Scott!" The announcer yelled out. The excitement in the arena caused shivers down my spine. My eyes were again drawn to the ring, the look on her face is something I greatly desired to have directed toward me. She held her championship belt in her right hand and jumped around as if she was on top of the world. After the match, spectators trickled out one by one but I was still relishing the moment.

"Ruby!" My friend called out to me. "We should go too, the match is over."

"Not yet," I said, "I want to see her again."

" Come on Ruby," she slapped her forehead. "Your little girl crush has to end, we've already been here hours after the match ended, I have a life too you inconsiderate little shit."

I looked at her and slightly pouted," Fine, we can leave, only because I owe you one for coming with me. I'll see you later my future wife." I said looking at the arena.

"Come on you idiot, you have been obsessed with her for ages lets go before you drown us with your drool."

We left the stadium and briskly walked home. It was a cold night and since I was still buzzing from Riley's victory we decided to have a few shots before we took a cab home. We walked to a nearby club, the music was pulsating through the floor and walls. I was quickly entranced and began swaying to it. I danced my way to the bar with my friend, Sophie in tow. We both ordered tequila shots. From that point on, everything was pretty much a blur.

I woke up the next day with a hangover from hell. I was just in a t-shirt and underwear and I have no idea how I got home. I walked to my kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee. I saw Sophie sprawled across the couch with drool coming out of her mouth and a blanket on the floor. I couldn't help but laugh at the sight. I quickly took a picture of her for future blackmail and woke her up, offering her a cup of coffee.

"Thanks for bringing me home last night, I barely remember anything after getting to the club." I chuckled slightly.

"What are you talking about?" She looked at me confused, " Weren't you the one who brought me home?" We looked at each other confused at the current situation. Who the hell brought us home? I barely remember anything last night but I wouldn't feel safe if a stranger knew where I lived. I check my phone to see if we took any pictures of the night before and surprise it's a whole blurry mess of pictures.

"At least we got home there's no use worrying about it. Now shut up so I can go back to sleep. My head is killing me." Sophie picked up her blanket and went right back to sleep. I wasn't feeling up to anything either so I went back to bed.

---Riley POV---

After the match, I went and took a shower, and my physician gave me an ointment to reduce the swelling. Contrary to what people believe it is really hard to be a martial artist, after every match I have to go through a full body checkup to confirm I didn't seriously hurt anything. After all the adrenaline wears off all I have is a sore body that can barely move, but after the big win today, the team wanted to celebrate. All I wanted to do was go lay in bed with snacks and a movie. The extreme diet before the matches are very brutal and I would very much like to enjoy some burgers and ice cream.

"Yo Riley! We are heading to the club get your ass out here." My friend and manager Blake called out to me. I was dressed in all black and grey. A grey hoodie, black pants, and a jacket with black sneakers.

"Can't I just go home? I am exhausted." I complained.

"You can rest when you are dead, but tonight we party till we drop." He screamed into my ear. Blake and I have been friends since we were kids, he is a professional boxer and loves to party like no one's business. Without him, I wouldn't have been where I am today so I sometimes go along with his crazy ideas. He is practically my brother.

"Okay, I get it. You look nice by the way, the girls are gonna be fighting over you as soon as we get there." He was dressed in blue jeans and a white t-shirt that showcased his bulging muscles, topped off with a black leather jacket.

"Don't they always." He laughed and dragged me outside where the car was parked. We got there pretty quickly since it wasn't far and parked at our reserved spot. We walked to the entrance and the bouncer let us in instantly, we were led to the VIP area which was already full of all kinds of drinks. As soon as we sat down, the DJ cut the music. The crowd was annoyed by this and they voiced their complaints very loudly.

"Chill out dudes," a voice said through the speakers. I could already feel my face flushing, I covered my face with my hand knowing exactly what was coming. "My best buddy just won the match of the year, everyone, raise your glass for Riley Scott. All of you get one round of free drinks on me!" He yelled. That was one of my best friends and the owner of this club, Donnie Cortez. He built this club a few years back and named it 'Tesoro' which means treasure in Italian. Cheers filled the club and the music resumed, the vibe of the club was amazing so even a shut-in like me could be carried away in this excitement.

Donnie approached us and shouted, "That was the most amazing match I have ever seen. Your tables and drinks are on me as always. I have to handle business first I'll see you in a bit." He hugged me and pat me on the back. " Hey, Johnny! Get some girls over here for my buddies don't be a dumbass." He said to the bouncer guarding the VIP section and went back up to his office. Donnie has always been like a whirlwind, he comes and goes as he pleases but I guess that's what makes him so lovable.

A few moments later, some party girls were let into our section but they mostly went for Blake, not one of them was my type anyway. I am sure he is gonna end up with two or three of them. I decided to excuse myself and head to the bar because I wasn't interested in seeing my friend sucking face with multiple women. It is pretty disgusting. I ordered a gin and tonic and sat quietly observing the dance floor. A few girls and guys winked at me showing their interest but I just wasn't feeling it. All of a sudden a body slammed into me, grabbed onto my face a kissed me. A full-blown kiss with tongue and everything. I was too shocked to respond, so I just sat there till it was over.

The person finally let me go and I looked at them. The first thing I saw were the bluest eyes I have ever seen. She had long blonde hair and she looked very drunk, her eyes, although incredibly beautiful were glazed over. Her beautiful full lips grabbed my attention and I couldn't help but admire her. I'd never seen anyone so beautiful her face was flushed from drinking so much but that did nothing but enhance her ethereal appearance.

"Hi wifey," she smiled at me. My heart skipped a beat, her smile was the most incredible thing but wait...did she just call me wifey? He had her arms wrapped around me and wouldn't let me go no matter how much I tried to get out of her sudden embrace.

"You're so gorgeous, I can't wait to marry you. Please marry me, wifey." She said. After that she wouldn't let me go, she just planted herself on my lap. For someone with such a small body, she sure is strong. Her friend came by later and found us in this exact position, but instead of helping like I hoped she would, she just celebrated and kept drinking saying thank God she didn't have to hear her friend rambling about how in love she is. The girl eventually passed out in my arms, I have never been more confused and flustered in my life. Her friend came by and begged me to take them home because they would probably get mugged by themselves. She shoved a bunch of keys in my hand and told me her address then blacked out on the seat next to me

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