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This novel is unlike any other fantasy story I have read. The heroine is deep, complex, and interesting. She is truly the leader amongst her party, and she doesn’t wait for others to save her. Though she’s had a fairly sheltered life as a princess, she’s smart and capable. I love that she has an interesting family dynamic. All in all, I’m totally hooked!

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A hidden gem that certainly deserves more appreciation! The right mix of adventure and gripping mystery served with a sprinkle of romance. The twists and turns will keep you glued. Great character design and storytelling. Won't be surprised to see it in hardcovers in near future. A big shout out to the author for the nice work!


I thought I wrote a review of this book a LONG time ago. This has been one of my favorite books of all time. I'm an old bookworm so that says a lot. You will not regret spending your time reading this book. As a matter of fact you will thank me for recommending it. Kelly is such an awesome storyteller and her character development is amazing. She will draw you in and you won't even realize it until hours have passed.


i love i love i love i love i love your novel but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE upload more often, you got an Addicted reader here with no intention of rehabilitation


It's shameless I know but I put a lot of hard work and passion into this! For my readers, I really hope you enjoy my book as much as I enjoy writing it! Take Care XOXO


Liking the book so far and the writing. Really captures the reader. Has an interesting plot, action packed, and the cherry on top is the character development that is already super evident. This deserves more recognition!! Can’t wait to see how much further these characters develop.


I am in full support of the reviews that have already been left for this captivating read! It has been very easy to either dip in and out for a quick read or completely lose yourself in multiple chapters. 📝🎉✅


an amazing story with a very flawless, strong and determined character. right from chapter 1 you can already tell that evanna is going to be fighting to be recognized and respected and it highlights the importance of the females. it promises to be a captivating story that might put evanna on the top where she will be acknowledged. can't wait for more chapters


Loved it!! I especially loved how you described everything made it so clear in my head it was like I was actually there! Can’t wait till you finish this I just want to keep reading it! 👀🥰


This story has a nice flow to it, it has been building up the characters and the world background. Just read the latest chapter - 19 and it definitely made me want to continue I am waiting for Evanna to put her sword skills to good use! you can tell that this is the first of many situations she will be getting herself into. Happy to be reading both your books. I was hooked with hunted and it's almost immediate action and now I am hooked to this book. There is a certain style with both of them and I love it. Very well written author! I look forward to the rest of the story!


ii tarted on this novel by chance... the first 49 chapters has been the longest prologue to any story. I understand the authors need to set a base, but this has been too long. I don't have any issues with the writing though😬.


Reveal spoiler


This book needs a lot more recognition! It really is written so well. Its such a shame as there are so many novels that definitely need grammar checking or the plot is just.. abyway.. the story is a good pace and keeps building up with a lot of action on the way. Cant wait to see more of the ML. To anyone that actually reads this review.. you wont regret starting this novel unless you dont like strong female leads who can fight their own battles? and has unique side characters!


Truly compelling. Gripped from the start and interest has not dipped since. A well structured and thought out piece of writing that is well deserving of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Deep, elaborate and exciting.!It's been a short time since I started reading this story, but seems I cannot get enough of it. You can vividly visualize the kingdoms, lands/landscapes described throughout the book which makes it even more appealing for us the readers. Likewise, you can relate to the characters since they are presented in a very realistic manner with all their feelings, intreractions with each other, conversations or even little chit-chats, you find yourself smiling(smirking:p) caught in their world at that moment. Thank you very much our author for creating such a beautiful book and sharing it with us 👏👏💜


This is a hidden gem 💎 😉 I'm really enjoying this book and the characters!! Can't wait to see more of the elves! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


This is beautifully written. I can imagine everything so clearly. Although there are less than 50 chapters out you can already see each character well and them already developing. I love that the female lead is a strong character that isn't a 'damsel in distress' and she shows that even though she is a princess she doesn't really need help. The book is also action packed along their adventure and I cannot wait to see the romance side thrown into this. Bring on the ML! Although, I am quite sad about Ger and Evana not being a thing.. will there be a love triangle??? Hmmm, will have to wait and find out!


LOVE THIS NOVEL! The author is best in her work.. for me this novel brings myself to question about the things going on in my life.. it gives a sense of peace and at the same time to see things in different perspective... I love the writing, I love the background, I love the characters... Keep up the good work Author [img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap]


💎💎💎Hidden Gem💎💎💎This is a beautifully imagined, perfectly written story! from the beginning, leading to the sexy ML & all the events that unfold, you will not be disappointed! I can guarantee it! 💯💯if I could give it 10 stars, I would!you won't be able to put the book down. if you haven't read Kelly_Starrz other books, add them to your library! she's a truly talented writer 🙌👏🙌👏


Leaving you an awesome review because you own your book cover and DID NOT STEAL IT!!! Amazing!!!