Heart Over Sword

Evanna’s world came crashing down the moment the physician gave her mother 6 months left to live. But after discovering a long, lost secret hidden by the elves, the sheltered and naïve princess sets off on a quest to find the one item that could change the hands of fate. In order to do this, she must come face to face with the Flori, the heartless and deadliest of the elven kingdoms. Her plan disintegrates when she is caught red-handed in the elven kingdom, where the penalty for even crossing over to their land is death. However, the princess soon finds herself to be the shiny new toy for the cold-hearted elven prince to play with; determined, she does what she must to survive. Will she be able to escape from his clutches and make it home in time to help her mother, or will she find herself falling deeper into the elven world he introduces her to? [ COMPLETED ] *** SNEAK PEAK *** [ MATURE CONTENT ] "Do you know what we do to thief's here, Evanna?" She placed her fork of meat down on the plate soundlessly, her attention still on the king. Evanna subconsciously held onto the knife still. "No, your highness," Evanna replied politely. The king glanced at the prince, and she followed his gaze. "We chop off their hands," The prince finished. Evanna watched and pulled her hand back in time for the prince's knife to slam into the table where her hand was placed. She gasped; another hand had been stabbed, sticking them to the wood. A loud yelp sounded from behind her. Within a flash, the prince stood up, pulled a sword out from his side, and swung it down on the man's wrist, dismembering the hand from his body. Blood squirted out and coated the table before her, along with her plate of food. The man fell back, wailing and holding his wrist. Evanna watched in shock as the guards came forwards and dragged him away. She looked back at the prince, who was wiping his blade with a handkerchief nonchalantly before sheathing it. Her attention was brought back to the king, who continued to eat as though nothing had happened. "Just remember that the next time you wish to steal from us." The king said lightly as he relaxed his cutlery and stared at Evanna, "You may be my son's new plaything, dressed up to look pretty, but do not fool yourself into thinking that he will release you once he is bored of you. You took something of great importance to him." ------------------- DISCLAIMER: *MATURE CONTENT* Graphic Violence Strong Language Sexual Content Attempted Rape *This is a slow burn book and is still ongoing* ----------------- Book Cover Design: I own the book cover so please do not use it :) Artwork illustrated by @if.__art Graphic design done by @katielord.designs Both found on Instagram^^ ------------------- Support me on Instagram: @kelly_starrz or join me on discord where you can chat to me/ ask questions: Kelly_Starrz#5020 Discord server: https://discord.gg/MHMdRRqUYa --------------------

Kelly_Starrz · Fantasy
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333 Chs

A Friendly Exchange

Evanna stared back at Conrad, still in disbelief that he was in the back alley dressed like a ranger instead of marching back to Hatherland with his army. It was only this morning when she received the news of his egress to return to the north. Yet, she could not hold back the small smile hovering on her lips. 

"It's about time, Demon Prince," Evanna grinned back, and the prince shook his head. The princess knew the nickname was only whispered about, much like his nickname when he was younger. But they were close enough now to mock and jest at such things, although the darkness emanating from his being did seem to add to this certain nickname. It made Evanna wonder if he used his powers on top of his skills in fighting against his enemies. 

She internally shook her head; even though he was starting to look older, had grown taller and broader, the prince was still that annoying boy she punched in the face upon their first introduction.