*Girls gossiping*

(Here she comes) *one of the girl in the group said*

(With her so called famous cold face) *her friend said*

(Yeah,she is just a cold girl with beautiful face)*she said*

(I don't even know, why every boy in this school, Drool over her)*her friend replied*

(Yeah, don't know what so special in her that we don't have, why boys don't drool over us like they drool on her , like she is a freshly cooked food)*she exclaimed while thinking a bit*

(Whatever, she is just an ugly pig . Like she use to be earlier,when she joined this school . Just the difference , which we don't want to accept is that she got a beautiful body ) * her friend replied completely jealous*

(Yeah,right)*she said*

(Get Lost)*with Cold Tone**says???[find out yourself]*

*??? walking like the queen in the corridor*

(I am fed up of this life . People bad mouthing about me behind my back . They don't even know about my past neither my present nor they will know . They just think me as a cold girl with beautiful face .And what they even get from saying all these shits? And What the FUCK I did to deserve all these fucking bullshits .They don't even have power to say something in front of me. They are such a bunch of cowards ) *??? thought**sigh*

(Whatever , let's just sing a song .

🎶🎶so, wrap me in plastic and make me shine We can make a dollhouse Follow your design

Let's build a dog

Out of sticks and twine

I can call you master

You can call me mine🎶🎶*she sings*)

(What's up , Aurora?)*her friend greet her*

(Hey ,how are you Flare?)*Aurora asks her friend*

(I am good as always)*Flare replied*

*Aurora nodded*

(So ,why don't you sing me a song?)*Flare said*

(I am not your slave . If you want to listen, sing yourself or get yourself earphones and a phone)*Aurora replied*

(Hey ,don't be rude . Sing please , am I not your bestie?)*Flare said , making cute face*

(Okay , fine . Now stop your melodrama)*Aurora said getting a bit annoyed*

*Bell rings*

(Now go back to your class)*Aurora said*

(Hmmm..... , whatever MISS QUEEN OF COLDNESS , we will talk later . But , don't think I will forget . I will listen song later . Bye)*Flare said before heading towards her class*

*Everyone started going back to their classes*

*Teacher enters*

(Everybody , settle down)*Teacher said*

*Everybody went back to their place*

(*sigh* What a great students , don't even have a little bit of respect for their teacher, i doubt if they ever greeted me)*she thought* (Aurora open page 91 and start reading)*she said*

(I don't have book)*she replied*

(And what new excuse do you have?)*teacher asked*

(I was kidnapped by terrorists while coming to school, they said that their exams are approaching and they don't have money to buy book , so they took my book and dropped me at school)*Aurora said*

(What the F**K)*teacher exclaimed*

(MIND YOUR LANGUAGE MISS)*All students except Aurora exclaimed*

(That's it , I have tolerated enough of you , Aurora detention after school . Now shit down)*she said*

*Everyone Laughs*

(I mean sit down)*she said completely embarrassed*

*Time skip*

*After school*

*Aurora walking towards detention room, while listening music*

🎶🎶Still and Silent, Calm before the Storm. Gold and Diamond, jewels behind the throne .Into the night, out of the dark .Take to the Sky ,chasing the stars. All that we Said, All that we Are ,Waiting to Fly ,This is the Start .Hide and Seek ,Reason and Rhyme ,Grand and Glorious ,Living the Dream Yours and Mine ,Euphoria. 🎶🎶

*Aurora enters in the detention room*

(Solve this assignment . I will be back in an hour)*Teacher said*

(And what if I don't want to?)*Aurora said*

*Teacher look at her raising her eyebrow*

(You heard me , I guess. Well let me say it again. I don't want to do this assignment . Do you have any problem with it?)*Aurora repeated herself*

(This is school, neither a fish market nor your house , where you can do whatever you want)*teacher said*

(I don't think so)*Aurora said while giving her a deadly stare*

*Teacher looked at her , confusion clear on her face*

(Stop playing around and go sit and start doing the assignment, if you want to go home)*teacher said trying to stop herself from bursting out with anger which she is holding from the starting of the day , when she entered in the class*

(I think I cleared myself before , But let me say it again . I AM NOT GOING TO THIS ASSIGNMENT, DO WHATEVER YOU WANT OR YOU CAN,BECAUSE ONCE I SAID NO THAT MEANS NO)*she said raising her voice a little*

(I can even call your parents for disrespecting me like this)*teacher said blackmailing her*

(Do you know the definition of POWER , MISS?)*Aurora asked*

(Of course, It's the ability to direct or influence another's behavior or course of events ,That's power, And That's what I Have, And you don't have any . And you shouldn't mess with your teacher.) *Teacher said in sarcastic manner*

(I have and even more then you can imagine .And you shouldn't mess with the student like me)*Aurora replied

(Ha Ha Ha, what a joke)*she laughed*

(You are thinking I am joking , right ? No I am not)*Aurora said*

(Ha ha , yes ,you are not . Then show me your power , miss queen of coldness . YOU think I will be scared from those scary eyes of yours. So, come out from your dreamland . These students might be scared of you , but not me. Better to behave yourself , otherwise I will not let you pass the exams , at least not in my subject )*she warned Aurora*

(Oh it's look like , I need to show you the power I have, My sweet little teacher)*Aurora said*

*Arora took assignment , tears it into pieces and throws it on her face *

(YOU MANNERLESS BIT--) *She cursed*


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