Heart of Darkness

Author: JasmineJosef
Fantasy Romance
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Bronze Prize for WSA 2021 ContestBronze Prize for WSA 2021 Contest

What is Heart of Darkness

Read ‘Heart of Darkness’ Online for Free, written by the author JasmineJosef, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering MYSTERY Fiction, DARK Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: He put one hand on the door beside her head before leaning forward. What was he doing? Trying to intimidate her again? “...


He put one hand on the door beside her head before leaning forward. What was he doing? Trying to intimidate her again? “Truth is…” He began to speak in a low voice and she strained her ears but all she could hear was her heartbeat. “I hate when you touch me because I like it so much.” Her eyes widened in surprise and he leaned even closer before continuing to speak. “I also hate the way you smell…” she could hear him inhale her scent “You smell delicious. And I hate your hair because it’s tempting. I want to run my fingers through it, pull it gently while I taste your lips and bite your neck.” Angelica suddenly felt like there was no air left in the room. “Your touch makes me unable to resist doing those things and all the other things I want to do to you.” “Oth...other things.” She breathed not realizing she was thinking loudly. One side of his lips curved into a smile. “Imagine all the things a man would want to do to you. I want to do those things and much more.” He leaned closer bringing his lips next to her ear. “Because I am no man. I am a beast. A hungry one. So unless you want me to bite you, refrain from touching me.” **************** A woman alone in a man’s world. In a time and place where it’s difficult for a woman to live alone, protect and provide for herself, Angelica must find a provider and a protector after her father is accused of being a traitor and executed by the king. Now known as a traitor's daughter, she must survive in a cruel world ruled by men, and in order to do so she ends up seeking protection in a man feared by everyone. A man with many scars. Both physically and mentally. A man punished for his pride. Rayven is a man with many scars. They cover his face and punish his soul. He can never show himself without people recoiling at the sight of him. Except for one woman who willingly comes knocking on his door. Is she an additional punishment sent to him, or will she be his salvation?

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Jasmine has such a way with words and a true gift when it comes to writting. This book is well paced, well thought out and vivid in description. Every conversation between the characters is purposeful and important to the story line. Nothing is ever wasted. The characters are so relatable and you find yourself caring for them as if they were real people. Jasmine also has an amazing ability to describe love and intimacy between her main characters without being trashy or unnecessarily graphic. It’s refreshing. This book is even better than her last - and thats saying something - because that book was awesome too!


Honestly this book is a MUST READ book that's compsed of everything one needed in a book. it's a book that will keep you on your toes. this is my first time reading a book such as this and I will publicly admit that I love it and how it's developing. JASMINE is a good writer, she's amazingly beautiful and very talented ❤️. the way she writes her characters are so perfect 👌 especially when it comes to our MALE LEAD, which always awed me. {because she writes them so well like how a man could write a story of a man like him} I was like; Awe this is well captivated! 😍💖, I'm genuinely in love with the book, characters and the author too❤️😘, this book deserves the best gift ever!. Don't hesitate to read this book, is a book that will make you to know that there's HEART and LOVE in darkness, LOVE without HATE is NOT LOVE! , they need to work together, in fact they should work together, know & understand each other and until one give up and then other will take over which is DEFINITELY LOVE ❤️. just give this book a try, u will never get bored cuz the words of characters are so UNIQUE. Thank you Jasmine for this MIND-BLOWING STORY , you're wonderful 👌. come and join us guys on this new adventures, I love the Ride!😜.


Just started it and I'm already loving it. Jasmine Joseph is such a talented author . So excited to see where this story goes. I stopped reading for years until I read Married to the devil's son . Best books I have ever read.


The synopsis is killing me already and only four chapters left us all craving for more. We all are excited to new journey starts with this book. Another Gem by Jasmine. All of hers readers anticipated for this moment when She announced for a new book. Jasmine had a lot of Trouble finding a perfect title, since whatever she chose was already taken on Webnovel. Thank you Jasmine, for all of your hardwork.


I am already loving this book. The title literally attracts me like anything. I am super excited on how this story will unfold. I love your writing style. Thank you for creating another book ❤️


"Red-haired, Blue-eyed... Today this beauty became my bride.. I took her home where I used to hide.. But now she might sleep by my side" How much I loved these lines💖💖 . Well, It's funny how I almost forgot to review this novel which happens to be my current favourite addîction🤧🙃 I'm definitely not lying when I say this novel has it ALL🔥💥 Be it the character design, story development, or quality of writing & the thriller elements included, every single little thing presented here is so perfect, in fact BEYOND PERFECT, that I can't help but admire the author's spectacular and superb work💯👏 The characters created are also so full of life and extremely impressive😍🌼 I LOVE THEM WITH ALL MY HEART🖤 AUTHOR, YOU ARE AMAZING🎆🍒 . So yeah One last thing; Enter Lord Rayven's Castle and join us in exploring his past secrets, love, passion and so much more😅💃I'm sure this journey gonna be thoroughly entertaining, exciting, emotional n ONE OF A KIND🔥 Warning Alert: The novel will make u gřeedy for more chaps🤣🤣🤣


I had so much anticipation and it didn't disappoint.😊This book is gonna be a great one for sure!!!Such a talented author,her writing just lures you into the book.❤️Mystifying story with very interesting characters😎Four chaps available and I'm hooked.💕Looking forward to reading more adventures from our dear Jazzy❤️😍Wishing you all the best😊😘Lycka till!!!🥳🥳


Jasmine is such talented and beautiful writer. She knows how to make a story come to life. This book is amazingly addictive so far. Cant wait for more! 😍


There’s no doubt in my mind that this will be a great story! Especially having read this author’s previous works. The first chapter alone is captivating! Very descriptive and easy to follow. Im only 4 chapters in and I’m already hooked!


to be sincere Jasmine Josef is one of my best writers . I follow her books and they are all amazing..and with the prologue of this book I can't deny that I must be one of the best. 💗💗you are the best Jasmine


This book is a clearly evolution from earlier works. The Auther has grown and developed which Can clearly be seen in the first few chapeters. I highly recommend and the Auther Has become one Of my favorates Great bOok cannot wait to Read more


I didn’t need to read very much to be able to start visualizing the story and am now sucked in! This is a great author and her book is not disappointing!


There is no need to hesitate about reading this book. If you see jasmine josef as the writer, that is all you need to know that this story will be good. 4 chapters in and I'm already hooked. Love it 😍. Well done again jasmine 🥰😍❤❤


I want to thank my fellow readers for all your comments. this is the first book i have read that readers are this interactive and so much fun. thank you Author Jasmine. i love your books 📚 keeps us in suspense; one cliffhanger after another while making us fall in love with the characters. 💝🎉


Jasmine is the writer that brought me to webnovel ❤️ ‘married to the devils son’ got me hooked and ive never looked back. This new novel is another masterpiece. The chemistry between characters, and her writing style suck you in and make you feel like you’re a part of the story. Im always on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next. Just give it a few chapters and you’ll be a fan too!


Super excited to be starting a new adventure with you jasmine your writing is amazing the synopsis has me intrigued and seriously can not get enough already This is going to be a good book ❤️


Totally hooked and craving more! The character building so far is brilliant and I feel immersed and invested in the story and where it could take us! Thank you for such a gripping start. I can't wait to read more! ❤️


First four chapters and i’m already wanting more! Jazzy is a very talented and an amazing writer i know this is going to be good!!! I can’t wait to read more of it


This was a pretty good work. It has more substance than other similar light reads. I like that it doesn’t brush over harder topics but explores them. Characters are interesting and intriguing. Story is actually retelling of the Beauty And The Beast fairytale. I like how it is done with out directly referencing it. I really like the story and I recommend it. Now, a little bit of analysis: There is a change of rhythm of how story is told that can be improved. It is ok to have some relaxing moments or dwelling on some particular topics before the story continues further but lingering too long may create big change in the rhythm of storytelling. So far it is not a big issue. Poems are important side part of the story. But unfortunately they are the part that is lacking. I read poetry, and I use to write some of it so I know how hard it is to make it work. I thought it may not be bad to share what I learned while reading and trying to write the poetry. As someone who is reviewing it I can say that it needs to be more lyrical, less literal. That means more metaphors, hidden meanings, also rhythm is more important than the rhyme. So for example (below is the excerpt from the poem but I don’t think it contains any spoilers): “Ah Angel, what are you doing in my bed? What my heart might feel What might I do, I dread Your scent is so sweet Your hair is so soft Making my heart bleed And my mind gets lost…” So the first sentence looks good but the rest are out of sync, because they don’t have the same or at least similar number of syllables. This breaks the rhythm of the poem. Also the rhythm is determined by when the rhymes appear. “Ah Angel, what are you doing in my bed? What my heart might feel, what might I do, I dread.” This might work like this but next two lines need to change because they are too literal and because they break the rhythmic rhyme. “Ah Angel, what are you doing in my bed? What my heart might feel and what might I do, I dread. With you scent so sweet lingers in your hair And my heart that bleeds, remain would I dare.” Well, it’s not that good but I just wanted to show with an example what I meant.


I just love Jasmine’s work. No one tells a story like her. She keeps you guessing; you are excited and always want to know what’s coming next, you are constantly eager to Read the next chapter. Make sure you check out her other book, you will not regret it!


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