Heart of Darkness
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Heart of Darkness


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What is Heart of Darkness

Read Heart of Darkness novel written by the author JasmineJosef on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering antihero, sevendeadlysins, mysteryromance, fairytale, smartfemalelead. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A woman alone in a man’s world. In a time and place where it’s difficult for a woman to live alone, protect and provide for herself, Angelica must find a provider and a protector after her father is accused of being a traitor and executed by the king. Now known as a traitor's daughter, she must survive in a cruel world ruled by men, and in order to do so she ends up seeking protection in a man feared by everyone. A man with many scars. Both physically and mentally. A man punished for his pride. Rayven is a man with many scars. They cover his face and punish his soul. He can never show himself without people recoiling at the sight of him. Except for one woman who willingly comes knocking on his door. Is she an additional punishment sent to him, or will she be his salvation? ---------- Coverart by bubug/@bubug_


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Just started it and I'm already loving it. Jasmine Joseph is such a talented author . So excited to see where this story goes. I stopped reading for years until I read Married to the devil's son . Best books I have ever read.


The synopsis is killing me already and only four chapters left us all craving for more. We all are excited to new journey starts with this book. Another Gem by Jasmine. All of hers readers anticipated for this moment when She announced for a new book. Jasmine had a lot of Trouble finding a perfect title, since whatever she chose was already taken on Webnovel. Thank you Jasmine, for all of your hardwork.


I am already loving this book. The title literally attracts me like anything. I am super excited on how this story will unfold. I love your writing style. Thank you for creating another book ❤️


I had so much anticipation and it didn't disappoint.😊This book is gonna be a great one for sure!!!Such a talented author,her writing just lures you into the book.❤️Mystifying story with very interesting characters😎Four chaps available and I'm hooked.💕Looking forward to reading more adventures from our dear Jazzy❤️😍Wishing you all the best😊😘Lycka till!!!🥳🥳


Jasmine is such talented and beautiful writer. She knows how to make a story come to life. This book is amazingly addictive so far. Cant wait for more! 😍


There’s no doubt in my mind that this will be a great story! Especially having read this author’s previous works. The first chapter alone is captivating! Very descriptive and easy to follow. Im only 4 chapters in and I’m already hooked!


This book is a clearly evolution from earlier works. The Auther has grown and developed which Can clearly be seen in the first few chapeters. I highly recommend and the Auther Has become one Of my favorates Great bOok cannot wait to Read more


to be sincere Jasmine Josef is one of my best writers . I follow her books and they are all amazing..and with the prologue of this book I can't deny that I must be one of the best. 💗💗you are the best Jasmine


I didn’t need to read very much to be able to start visualizing the story and am now sucked in! This is a great author and her book is not disappointing!


Super excited to be starting a new adventure with you jasmine your writing is amazing the synopsis has me intrigued and seriously can not get enough already This is going to be a good book ❤️


As before, Jasmine Josef has created an addicting beginning. It captures your interest with intricate detail to the characters and the background. I love how she even describes scents and hues. All this adds to the quality of the book and feelings you get when reading the story.


There is no need to hesitate about reading this book. If you see jasmine josef as the writer, that is all you need to know that this story will be good. 4 chapters in and I'm already hooked. Love it 😍. Well done again jasmine 🥰😍❤❤


This book is intriguing, and woefull the line of the story and the story are good the suspense and the action that comes after the suspense is perfect, each character is explained clearly and that helps you get a better understanding of what is going on in the book.


Oh! The things to come... another book by Jassmine J. and fabulous first chapters ...a new adventure unfolds ...Glad to be along on the journey ...all the best to you Jazz and thanks!!!


Totally hooked and craving more! The character building so far is brilliant and I feel immersed and invested in the story and where it could take us! Thank you for such a gripping start. I can't wait to read more! ❤️


First four chapters and i’m already wanting more! Jazzy is a very talented and an amazing writer i know this is going to be good!!! I can’t wait to read more of it


I just love Jasmine’s work. No one tells a story like her. She keeps you guessing; you are excited and always want to know what’s coming next, you are constantly eager to Read the next chapter. Make sure you check out her other book, you will not regret it!


Totally hooked! Love this book, the characters are interesting and the storyline draws you in. Every chapter keeps me guessing what will hapPen next, i highly recommend it😊


FaNtastic book! I have been a big MTTDS fan And this book is alrEady on par. give it a try you woll love It. thank you Jasmine for another great book.


I couldn't find any time to read books, but when I started to read Married to th devil's son I got addicted and the same feeling is with this story. I just can't wait to continue reading and I'm curious about what's coming next.


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