1 [Beautiful Moments That Fades Away]

Abigail POV:

I was lost somewhere deep in my dream when I heard my mom calling me.

"Abby, wake up ...breakfast is ready dear, wake up"

I came home after 6 months during summer vacation. After years of hard work, I can proudly say I am a forensic pathologist or you can say, medical examiner. I was always very curious about death. I thought many people deal with birth, but I always wanted to deal with death. The question "what went wrong, that caused the death of someone?" made me what I am today.

I came back to my home a week ago. I don't call that old place in our hometown "my home" because my home is my mom, wherever she goes I called that place home. She's my only comfort in this vast world, where I can find unconditional love. My father died when I was 11. I have seen her struggle after my father's death. She used to cry herself to sleep but still got up all fine the next morning to give me a good life. I wanted to give her that comfort back so she can live the best of her remaining life.

I heard her calling me to come down for breakfast, I tried to open my eyes and get up from my bed, I grabbed my black thick hair and tied them up, after brushing my teeth and washing my face I went downstairs wearing comfy pajamas, I saw her setting table and a big smile appears on my face, she saw me with a beautiful smile and said:

"I was calling you for an hour and now you are waking up."

I hugged her from the back and said " what's for breakfast? "Then I saw the table and I was shocked because I mostly take cereal or toast in the morning but she filled the table with scrambled eggs with sausages, pancakes, French toast, and fresh juice.

I said with my whole eyes open: "mom that's a lot, why am I feeling myself like a pig" I said while laughing.

"You are already so thin, Abby you need to eat more," she said with a worried face

"Okay, okay'' I said before she started telling me how weak I am and how I am supposed to take care of my health.

We ate and then she told me to accompany her to the market. So I asked for some time to get ready and I went to my room to wear something nice. after wearing a short floral summer dress, I put on some makeup and tied my hair loosely and then went out of my room and mom was waiting for me downstairs

we went to the market and bought some fruits and vegetables, then we were scrolling through local shops of the town, I was texting Joy and then mom said"

"Abby! Look at this …. Isn't it pretty? "

I looked back and it was a pretty pendant, it has aqua blue marble with a silver chain. It was pretty. My mom bought it for me, and I asked her to buy one for Joy. We went back home and I had some work up my sleeve so I finished it. I got free around 6 pm so I went downstairs and saw my mom sitting on the couch, watching TV. I ran to her and placed my head on her lap, she was caressing my hair slowly and smoothly. I then remember that I didn't tell mom about going back tomorrow so I sat down on the couch and said holding her hand:

"mom! I have to go back tomorrow early morning"

I knew she will be sad but I had to go back at all costs tomorrow, she looked at me and said in an upsetting voice:

"You came after such a long time."

I said to her:

"Mom[ I remained silent for a few seconds and then said] you know I have to finish my residency and start working, mom I know you don't want to leave this house but I will be at ease if you can come with me. You are getting old, you need someone to take care of yourself"

she put her hand on my cheek and I can feel the warmth of her hand, she said:

"I know dear, you are striving there alone and you are worried about me but you can see, I'm healthy and I want to spend my remaining time here in our house filled with memories of your father and I want to cherish those memories until I am alive."

I hugged her because I couldn't answer her. She's right about how she can leave this house where she made all those beautiful memories with my father. But I don't know why my heart was so heavy when she said: "remaining life" I felt like she is gonna leave me. That was the most frightening feeling I have ever felt

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