1 Humble Abode

Streams of the early morning light passed through the open shades of a clear window. It continued forward and gently caressed the bare chest of a man as he slept with his body sprawled out upon his second-hand queen-sized bed.

Seth's messy thin sheets left little to be imagined as they barely covered the lower half of his large 6'3" muscular frame. He was big but not bulky. Rather, his physique was cut and well defined.

The tempered muscles of his chiseled torso moved to the rhythmic sounds of his breathing.

Lines defining his muscles etched down his chest to his sculpted abs as they converged to a point hidden by the barely hanging corner of his blanket.

Though the hanging blanket did cover his lower area, it could not hide the outlines of his sleeping monster down below…

As if wanting to see more, the morning light continued up the curves of his neck and illuminated the handsome face of the man.

Seth's skin glowed with a shimmering olive tan. The messy dark brown hair only gave further allure to his rugged good looks.

He had a strong square jaw and a perfectly placed large straight nose. His alluring lips tempted a touch and a feel. Even with his eyes closed, his manly face naturally gave off an erotic appeal. It would be hard for anyone to resist biting his irresistible lips and kissing the sexy neck line of the sleeping man.

As the light was in Seth's eyes, he slightly scrunched his face and turned to his side, revealing terrible scars on every inch of his back.

The man, who seemed perfect and unblemished, had scars that healed over one another from being repeatedly slashed or whipped for a long time. The gashes dug ravines into his flesh. The pieces of his back that were still attached, healed unevenly, leaving linear mounds of skin on his back.

Nudged awake by the light, Seth slowly opened his eyes, taking in a partial view of his small but cozy one-room cottage.

The walls were packed with all sorts of trinkets. Tools, furniture, jars, containers, bright liquids in viles, books... mostly everything there was made or collected through the labors of his hard work. Though… his sacred space was the result of his thievery during his daring escape.

Laying on his side, with a deep yawn, Seth lifted and stretched out his strapping arms and legs. His muscles enlarged as he squeezed and spread them awake.

Seth got out of bed standing fully in the nude.

His naked monster hung heavily in the open air.

Soft, his large and thick member already out matched those of fully erect average men. Paired along with a large set of dangling family jewels, many drooled with sexual desire for Seth's god-like body.

The absence of constraint on his monstrous member was the main reason Seth preferred to sleep without clothes. It was sometimes a hassle being so well endowed.

The morning light continued to highlight the contours of his sculpted physique. He was the living Adonis, molded and shaped by the gods and physically gifted.

Unhurriedly, he walked to his dresser to get ready for the day. Seth took out his already prepared set of garments.

A clean pair of soft underwear slid over his smooth beefy buttocks. His underwear helped to hold his member in place and out of his way when he would move about during the day.

Pulling out his patched tan trousers, Seth stepped through the pant leg with his long muscular legs and pulled the spacious trousers up to his waist before securing them with a leather belt.

Finally, taking out a faded verdant tunic, he slid his tempered arms through the long sleeves and pulled them over his shoulders. Slowly, he buttoned down the last piece of clothing starting from his chest to his waist.

The clothing fit slightly loose but still showed his defined physique. Seth cared more about ease and comfort than flare.

A deep voice drawing from the depths of Seth's chest flowed out into the room as the warmth of mana circulated through his veins.


He ushered a spell, and a glow of light emitted from his hands, sweeping through every spot of his body leaving it spotless and clean.

He then proceeded to put on his shoes and was now decently acceptable to leave the house. He made his way to the only door of his abode and exited outside.

Seth slowly looked around, and his face lit up as he appreciated his little sanctuary. He finally had a place he could call home. He vowed to himself that he would protect it at all costs. The price he paid, and technically partially stole, cost him a curse from a divine.

With his thatched-roof and wood cottage behind him, Seth had a small farm abundantly growing with a variety of vegetables and grains from his careful tending. Further away was a fruit and nut orchard on the banks of a gorgeous vibrant meadow. A gentle stream flowed through the endless green field, speckled with colorful flowers.

The stream led deeper into a dense forest of giant fir trees until it became a waterfall in the high mountains. The trees became an ocean that rose like waves of endless green up the hills and mountains. His space was bounded inside the area within the circling mountains. A fog along the mountain range acted as a barrier that marked the end of his miniature world.

The magical space was created through the efforts of many powerful mages and the help of the divines. The entrance to the small separated dimension was sealed into the onyx bracelet worn on Seth's right hand.

Had the available area been larger with more options added, this space and the bracelet being the key to enter, would have been deemed a heavenly treasure.

However, due to its size and current limited defensive capabilities, it was at best an earthly treasure but was currently valued as a mortal treasure. Its true value would only show after being fully upgraded. Regardless, the miniature world was precious nonetheless. It was not some rare or common item.

The bracelet had been originally given as a gift to a powerful mage, but now belonged to Seth.

Breathing in a deep breath, Seth took in the moment.

"Haaaaahhh…" He exhaled, and his deep baritone voice reverberated all around. Life for Seth was much better now, however it wasn't always that way.

Seth made a slight gruff as he looked up to the sky, recalling his unfortunate past.

He was sold into slavery by his own family for money days before he came of age. They milked his existence dry, never allowing him the taste of freedom.

Being newly enslaved, Seth initially resisted and fought back against his masters' carnal desires to ravage or be ravaged by him and his flesh. However, he could not fight for long against the power of the seal, enslaving his being. He soon succumbed to the lustful beckons of his masters.

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