1 Introduction

In this world, everyone is going through something but not a lot of people can understand the things you are going through and in the same way, you also can't understand other's pain a lot of the time, some people like to share their hardships and pain but some like to keep it to themselves and I am one of those.l don't know if it's good or bad but I like it that way to not share the pain but to share just happiness with others and make them smile, That's who I am.

Hi! I am Jess. When I was five I came to Canada with my family. Since then a lot has happened, now I am eighteen but those memories don't leave me it's like they love me but I don't surely. I have a beautiful and loving family. my father Mr. Dylan James, owner of Canada's third-biggest organization. ln business world his name is quite familiar and on the other hand, my mom is a housewife and the world's sweetest woman, and I have a brother too. His name Brent and he is like my second best friend but Grace will be my first best friend. She is like my sister and Part of my family now. I know her since the day I came to Canada. We were neighbor's but then after some time they moved out but we are still best friends and we meet every day at school.

Growing up I was always bullied because of my weight and she was the only one who supported me at that time. I didn't even tell my family about it because I was so scared that they will change my school and if the same thing happened there too, then what will I do and the only difference will be that my only supporter will also be not there to help me.

When I was eight years old, due to all the bullying I started to skip meals and pretended that I already had eaten in front of everyone and whenever I used to eat because my family forced me after I would go to the restroom and put a finger in my throat and vomit it all out. Due to all this, I fainted one time in school. After that, I was in the hospital for one week to recover from weakness.

When I turned twelve I finally decided to lose weight from healthy options and because I was fed up with all the bulling and pressure to look good and I succeed in it. After that everything was going very smoothly after some year's I graduated from school and got admission to a nearby college.

The first year of college was going very smoothly and the best thing was Grace also got admission in the same college, so we were mostly together. After the first year of college, my life took a turn. And a horrible incident happened which changed me completely.

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