1 1) Slayer the healing master

In the middle of nowhere very far away from everything, there was a True player, that was known as Slayer, was walking around wile looking out at each cosmos until Slayer stopped to see a special planet of magic and power.

Slayer a three meter tall figure with a void cloke and a void mask that hid Slayers figure from others as Slayer teleported on the magical planet.

"This planet is missing something let's change that" Slayer said in a very deep voice, that made the ground shake around the world.

Slayer then decided to deactivate the knowledge of the future and more, so that Slayer would only have the main six senses to level out the power he had.

Slayer turned into a three year old girl with a slender small cute body with a beautiful white dress, that stopped two inches from her feet and a mask that she put in her space ring, that turned invisible and could not be sensed by others.

Slayer appeared in a forest besides a river that went on for miles, Slayer blocked her former powers and made a system to become a player amongst the players of this world.

'System' Slayer thought as she looked at herself and saw a 35 inch figure, with a nice white dress and a cute distorted face when she looked into the water.



Name- Slayer

Gender- girl

Age- 1200 days (4 years)

Hight- 35 inch (88.9 cm)

Level 1 0/8 EP

Tier- (nub)

HP- 100

Speed- 10 km/h (6.2 miles/h)

Defense- 10

Strength- 10 kg (22.046 LB)

SP- 1



(Classes) {locked}



"Open skills" Slayer said as she picked up a perfect stick that was two inches thick and twenty inches long



Scan- info

OP adaptive body- info

OP recovery- info



"Good let's hut using analysis when I find a subject, to see if analysis skill works" Said Slayer, in the deepest darkest tone she could muster and the started to run in a strait line.

"Let's go a level up" Slayer mumbles to herself in a sweet tone, wile a wide smile was forming on her cute pink lips.


A brown earth male Fox was eat a gray wind female rabbit wile being surrounded by brush, when the fox heard something brake, the earth fox quickly turned his head and he saw a 35 inch girl that was smaller then him.

The earth fox was very happy that there was more pray, that he could catch and eat so he can fill belly.

Looks like I found more pray to eat but why is the pray coming to me? That will make my hunting trip easy), the fox thought as he started running at the pray and getting ready to attack.



One minute ago.

Slayer was going in a strait line when she spotted a earth brown male fox and stopped.

'Scan fox' Slayer thought as she was getting ready for a throwing technique with a stone in her hand.


Earth fox (animal)

Gender- male

Color- brown

Tier- nob

Level 2 (6/27) EP

Bonus- 5% more defense

Age- 4 years old

Health- 110

Speed- 10.25 km/h (6.366 miles/h)

Damage- 11

Defense 10.25 (10.761)


Slayer smiled as she saw the fox run at her. Slayer trew the rock so hard at the fox that the foxes head exploded.

~380 damage~

~You received 4 Ep for killing a fox~ the system informed


one weak later


System (changed)

Title- novice Slayer

Age- 1,207 days (4 years)

Hight- 35.039 inch (89 cm)

Level 25 (25, 233/15,625 EP)

HP- 525

Speed- 22.875 km/h (11.025 miles/h)

Defense- 22.875

Strength- 51.5kg (114.66 LB)

SP- 52.5




"open classes" Slayer said as a bull in the back exposed from the stone splattering blood everywhere, wile their was not a single drop of blood on the white dress.












~you choose healing master

Healing master

-is only limited by mind and imagination

- you can now control atoms to heal

- anything not related to the class will give you 10x less EP~ system said with a harp like voice.


"level up"



Title- Intermediate Slayer {5}

Age- 1,207 days (4 years)

Hight- 35.433 inch (90 cm)

Level 26 (9,608/19,683EP)

HP- 570

Speed- 24.25 km/h (14.984 miles/h)

Defense- 24.125

Strength- 57 kg (85.995 LB)

MP- §§§

SP- 58


Healing master skills

–Heal- x1,000 faster reaction per atom to x10,000 from level up

–(new) boost- all particles time speed up to times ten faster (so the target gets a speed boost)

– (you can now effect plants)




Slayer hid near a wind scaled winged tiger and started to move atoms to the tigger as the atoms started healing the tigger.

'Scan' Slayer said with the biggest smile that she could muster.


tiger (animal)

Level 40, (36,436/64,000 EP)

boosts- speed-15%, defence-10%

HP- 1,270

Speed max- 41.75 km/h ~ (46) -(27.958 miles/h)

Defense- 41.75 ~ (46)

Strength- 127 kg (280.035 LP)


Slayer then activated boost and heal on the atoms that she wanted and all plants also got effected.

~x10,000 reaction and x10 speed (AKA if used on the same atom it will be basically X100K boost)




'my body is starting to feel on fire and seems to get stronger, um It is gone now? why are the plants growing and why am i getting sle...' the tiger thought as it fell asleep forever.


"I see, when you heal bad bacteria and other negative things, the animal dose not know that will make it more interesting" Slayer said as she left body hight grass and other taller planets

~you got 3,200 EP for healing and 3,200 EP for 100% of the work (aka "killing the tiger").~

~800 EP from the plants~ System messages appeared as Slayer looked back at the plants.


two seconds later

~you got 1,600 EP from the plants (healing and 100% "work")~ the system said with a winded voice.

Slayer walked away wile continually using the ability leaving dead soil spanning 25km from her. Every second slayer was getting on average 12,437 EP every second but put everything like it was before so she could not get the "killing EP".

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