1 Chapter 1 REVENGE

my name is kinsaki family name i don't nkow

what i nkow is that i want revenge to kill my uncle

why he tortured me simple is it not

991 992 993 994 995 996 997 998 999 1000 pushups

next 1000 situps

1 hour later

1000 situps

huh its already 7am

hmmm time to show then eat

20minutes later

hey kinsaki

oh hi edward

so which school are you gonna join

hmmm military

silence a bird drop

whatt!!! your gonna die even if your the strongest here your ability is weak

please dont i dont want to see you die

sorry edward i gotta do this



because what

i cant tell

come on ever since that day you do this all day

i nkow your hurting but im your friend im hear for you

i nkow that's why im not gonna tell you because your precious to me

edward blushes stop saying that its embarrising its like were a couple

ok edward