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Healing Love


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Love is not always dark or sweet, happy or sad, conditional or unconditional. Sometimes it's just healing Love. The love we all need, the love that we all need to understand, the love you might not be aware of. Aiden Miller, A 28 years-old young man experienced a traumatic past and after the current incident, he believes that the world can never change and he is surely surrounded by fake people wanting him to fail everything in his life and when he is about to give up he meets the cheerful and beautiful Layla Smith. Layla Smith is a 25 years-old young and hardworking girl. She wasn't able to fulfill her dreams just because raising her younger brother was her priority so that they can survive as they were left alone when she was just 13. Even though her life was constantly tough, she never thought of giving up. She is a cheerful and funny girl lighting up the life of people near her. How will the life of Aiden change when he will meet Layla? Will he ever be able to overcome his trauma? Will Layla ever know about the secret identity of Aiden? And the most important question, Is it the healing Love?