1 I’m pregnant with your child

A black cab was stopped in front of the R&M group, and a pregnant woman exited the car walking to the main entrance smiling happily. The person at the reception recognized her and greeted her nicely. Knowing this place since it opened made it easy for her to find the way to the CEO's office.

*Knock knock*

She opened the door once she heard a voice. Taking a deep breath before she opened the door to this big grey office with this beautiful view right behind the CEO's office desk. A good-looking man was sitting reading some important reports when someone suddenly knocked on the door. Thinking it was his beautiful fiancée made him smile before the person behind the door came in. The smile faded to a straight line when he saw his fiancée's best friend coming in alone without his fiancée. He never liked her since college but didn't wanna be mean when his fiancée chose her to be one of the bridesmaids and threatened her normally.

"Hi CEO Qian!" She said as she blushed.

����Good afternoon miss Xie, if you are looking for my fiancée then she would be done with her meeting in a minute," he said as he still looked at his reports.

"I'm actually looking for you, CEO Qian," she said as she was tightly holding around her purse.

He placed the reports down and looked up at her. "Miss Xie, I'm a very busy man and don't have free time like you to go around to others' office rooms chatting all day long. As you can see I have a lot of reports I have to go through. If you could please leave my office room and wait outside for my fiancée to come when she is done with her meeting will be great."

"Can you not be so rude to me? What did I ever do to you to be treated like that? As I told you I came here today because of you. This is very important so would you please spare me a few minutes?" she asked.

He sighed and looked at her giving the sign that he's listening. She took out a DNA test and placed it on his desk. "I'm pregnant!" she said happily.

He was about to congratulate her but stopped when she finished her sentence.

"...with your child."


"This is the DNA test I took which proves that this child inside me is ours," she said and smiled warmly while touching her bump.

"You must be insane! Is this why you didn't come to visit as always?" he asked, looking speechless.

"How dare you call me insane? This child is truly ours!!! I even took a DNA test that says 91% match. Believe it or not, I can take the DNA test once again, I don't mind. Since you don't believe me watch this yourself." She took out her phone from her purse and clicked on a video clip before she handed over her phone to him.

The clip showed that it was filmed at a weird angle but caught most of the face clearly. Qian Ruo Shi was suddenly pale from watching this clip and on top of that, the volume was on the highest volume too, which meant that people outside the office could hear the moans coming from the phone.

He was so shocked when he saw his face clearly doing it with her and threw the phone so hard on the wall which made the screen crack and ripped the DNA test into pieces. "That child inside you is not mine!!! I've never done it nor will I ever do it with you!! You must have paid someone to frame me with that disgusting clip and who knows if you paid for a fake DNA test."

"As I told you before I can take how many DNA tests you want to prove that this child is yours," she yelled on top of her lungs.

The door to the office suddenly opened and a woman with red eyes and a pale face was standing there shockingly. Qian Ruo Shi who was standing there almost tripped when he saw her. She walked over to his desk with tears raced down her cheeks and pulled out her engagement ring from her ring finger.

"I thought you promised me to never make me cry on the day you proposed. Let's end this, I hope you live a good life with your new fianceé," said Wu Meiying before she ran out of the office.

She had luckily her purse with her that had all her important stuff and ran out of the building to the parking lot and entered her car. Wu Meiying drove to her shared apartment with her now ex-fiance.

Everything happened so fast that Qian Ruo Shi didn't have the time to react before he saw Wu Meiying's body disappear as she ran out of the office. He was about to run after her but was stopped by Xie Jiaying. "Are you still trying to get her back when you know that I'm carrying your child? You should take responsibility for me and our child rather than running after her."

"If that's my child, then take abortion I will pay for everything," he yelled as he ran out of the building trying to look for Wu Meiying's car. Hoping that she hasn't left yet.

Xie Jiaying was triggered by his words and yelled on top of her lungs. "I love you so much that I even got pregnant with your child. Why are you still after that bitch?"

Qian Ruo Shi was looking everywhere for a white BMW X5M but couldn't find any and ran back to his office to get his car key. He saw Xie Jiaying sitting on the floor crying and screaming loudly like a madwoman while his assistant tried to calm her down. "Assistant Han put all the files on my desk, I will check it tomorrow. Clear out my schedule for the day, and as for her,"

Xie Jiaying who stopped crying the moment Qian Zhi Ruo spoke, thought that he changed his mind because of the child inside her and stood up happily.

"Throw her out if she doesn't want to walk out herself," he said and took his car keys and left.

Xie Jiaying almost fell backward but assistant Han was luckily behind her and caught her from falling. "Miss Xie are you alright?"

"You should call me Mrs. Qian and not Miss Xie!!!" She yelled and pushed him to the side before walking out.

Qian Ruo Shi speeded up to his shared apartment and ran upstairs to see Wu Meiying walking out with her suitcase. "Meying, please listen to what I have to say," said Qian Ruo Shi as he took the suitcase from her hand.

"What do you want me to listen to? That Woman already has a child in her womb! What else is there to talk about? What else do you have to talk to me about? And what else is there for us to discuss? Do you want to tell me how that amazing night with her went? How many times you had sex with her? Or how many times you two rolled across the bed? You are about to become a father. Stop being so pathetic and go back to Xia Jiaying. If it's stories about so-called 'mistakes' or her seducing you then I don't want to hear it. Go and take responsibilities for your own actions." she said and grabbed her suitcase from him and left him speechless behind.

His lips parted, appearing stunned by what she just said. She has never talked back to him like that, not even when they had small fights. This feeling made him more anxious that she would leave him for good. He ran out and saw her car driving out of the apartment's parking lot. He cursed over himself and ran to his car to drive after her.

Wu Meiying speeded up once she saw his car coming right behind her. Fortunately for her, the traffic lights turned red after she drove. She soon arrived at her family's mansion and told the security guards not to open the gates to anyone. The house butler was so surprised by her sudden visit and came over to help her with her suitcase.

"Young miss, is there anything wrong?" asked the house butler Shun as he held the suitcase for her.

Wu Meiying looked at him with her red swollen eyes. "I'm fine,"

She walked in and saw her father happily laughing with her big brother and a guest. They soon stopped when they saw her coming in with red swollen eyes.

"Meiying?" called Wu Wei Jian.

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