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HEALING (Hiatus)


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[Warning 18+] Was he really the right one for her? Wu Meiying (24 years old) was madly in love and thought that she found her soulmate the moment her fiance, Qian Ruo Shi, proposed to her. Everything was perfect. They had a company they started together from scratch and an apartment they shared together, but that didn’t last too long when one day her best friend Xie Jiaying came to their company telling her fiance that she was pregnant and that Qian Ruo Shi was the father of the child. This pain was like a thousand knives stabbing Wu Meiying’s heart into pieces. She decided to leave everything behind to start her new journey while healing her wounded heart. One year later after traveling around the world she finally came back looking much better and stronger than before. Her family was invited to a business event which was important and she had no choice but to come along with her big brother (Wu Li Jun) since her father stopped going to events after her brother took over the CEO position. She saw her brother walking back to her with a plate of food while talking to a handsome good looking man beside him. Yang Yuchen (27 years old) CEO of the Yang corps. A low-profile and reserved noble. He didn’t really pay much attention to his love life until he met Wu Meiying.