The Big Boss Has the Rich Lady's Contact Number

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It was early Saturday morning when a few seniors from the Medical Informatics specialization sent their homework to Gu Mang.

[Senior Feng: You refused to join us when we invited you to go to the library with us. Here's our homework. You can refer to them and send me a message if there's anything you don't understand.]

[Gu Mang: Thank you, senior, but I've already submitted mine.]

[Senior Feng: Shocked.jpg You're done with it?]

[Gu Mang: Yes.]

When the others at the lab saw Senior Feng's look of astonishment, they asked him, "What's wrong?"

"Gu Mang has already submitted her homework to the professor," he told them.

"Holy crap! We've only just finished ours, yet she's already submitted hers?! Professor Tang hates slipshod work. She might receive a stern rebuking from him for this…"