Jijing Island's Four Major Clans

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Lei Xiao's wife, Xia Mingzhu, was from the capital, so she knew just how influential Master Bi's family was. Her father and her, however, never expected that Gu Yin would ever make acquaintance with people from Jijing Island.

By their looks, Gu Yin could tell that the two of them had heard about Master Bi and Jijing Island. Having been in the political field for more than a decade, Lei Xiao was very adept at reading people's faces. His father-in-law had only held him in slightly higher regard when he heard about Gu Yin's admission to the medical organization, so he was shocked to see the look of awe and aspiration on the elderly man's face upon hearing about Master Bi. He figured that the maestro must be someone with high status on Jijing Island.

Breathing slowly, Old Master Xia looked up and said, "Gu Yin, tell Master Bi that we'll host him in the capital instead. He doesn't need to make a trip down to Ming City."