306 Chapter 306

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Kate thanked Mai again before she left the car. She used the elevator to their apartment and fished her phone out to call Henry.

She didn't know if Henry was still in the mental hospital, but she just wanted to ensure he was alright. After all, he must've been under tremendous stress right now.

Kate had a feeling that Henry's secrets must've been weighing him so much to the point that he might snap, so she wanted to help, even though she didn't know how.

The phone rang several times, but Henry didn't pick it up. 

Kate began to worry. She entered the apartment and took off Henry's coat. She sat on the sofa and continued calling Henry's phone.

So far, she had already called him five times, and none was connected. 

"Come on, Henry, you're going to make me die out of worry," Kate muttered.

The call was finally connected after the sixth call. Kate gasped and quickly asked;


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