He Stole Me From My Deadbeat Husband

[COMPLETED.] [Side Story released!] [Mature Content.] “That baby is mine, and so are you,” He declared, pointing at Kate’s belly while his deep green eyes gazed at Kate, like a viper ready to strike. Kate couldn’t believe that he– Henry Grant, her new boss eight years younger than her, was the father of her unborn child. “We should be together by default. But I will give you a choice. Go and suffer with your deadbeat husband, or come with me, I will show you the fun you’ve missed.” ===== For the past five years of her marriage, Katherine “Kate” Woods, 32, had always believed she was infertile. She was unable to conceive a child and her deadbeat husband Matt always insulted her for it, calling her a useless woman despite never finding a job himself, forcing Kate to be the sole breadwinner of their family. Yet, he still had the nerve to cheat on her with her own sister! Heartbroken, Kate escaped to her office late at night with four bottles of strong red wine. To her surprise, she wasn’t alone. A handsome young man stood in her office, watching her. He refused to give her his name, but offered to keep her company for the night. With lust and booze coursing through her veins, Kate readily abandoned herself to her basest, most repressed instincts, seducing the nameless but willing visitor. In her drunken stupor, she boldly declared, "If my husband wants to sleep with every woman on earth, then two can play that game." She didn’t care if they did it raw, as she always thought she was barren. Only to find herself staring at a positive pregnancy test a month later. Kate Woods, the supposedly ‘barren woman,’ was pregnant. The stranger had accomplished in one night what Matt could not in five years. - Now that Henry has given her a choice, would Kate leave her deadbeat husband and jump into the sea of uncertainty with this young man? Or would she stay with Matt, her husband who cheated on her for the sake of their families? - Official Commissioned Cover. - Contact me: Instagram: @ForeverPupa -

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Chapter 2

Kate staggered, almost fainting from shock. She quickly leaned on the nearest drawer to support herself. She refused to faint in front of these two cheating bastards!

Matt finally stopped sucking on Erin's—Kate's sister—breasts and looked over his shoulder.

"Ah, fuck…" he cursed lowly. He tried to push Erin from his lap, but Erin put all her weight on him and buried his face back between her breasts.

She maintained this position while staring at her older sister, who was about to faint, "You look so pale, Sis. Are you okay?"

Kate didn't answer her question, which encouraged Erin to further torment her sister, "Don't look so tense. Matt told me that you two are fine with this. So I'm doing you a favor while you're working your ass off."

Kate finally snapped. She clenched the house key in her hand and flung it towards Erin and hit her forehead.


"GET OFF HIM YOU BITCH!" Kate rushed towards them. She grabbed Erin by her hair and yanked her away from him.

Erin fell backward and hit her head first. She cried out in pain, but Kate couldn't care less for her sister.

She raised her hand as she wanted to slap her bastard husband for cheating on her, but Matt caught her wrist and pushed her away, "Calm down, I can explain this."

"Explain what? You're cheating on me—with my sister too!" Kate yelled, her chest heaving with exertion. She was trying so hard not to claw the skin off Matt's face.

"Geez, why are you overreacting, Sis?" Erin said after she recovered. She was still rubbing the back of her head.

"Yeah, you're overreacting," Matt said calmly, as if this was just something casual happening on Friday night. "I'm just replacing you with your sister."

"Yeah, I'm doing you a favor, Sis."

"What in the—" Kate felt sick. Were they trying to gaslight her? How could these two act so casually after they got caught cheating?!

"Oh yeah? I'm overreacting? Then tell me what did you two do just now? Speak!"

Matt scoffed, "I'm fucking your sister, is that not clear enough? But I'm not cheating, I'm just asking for a favor since you are—"

"—barren," Erin completed the sentence. She stood up and returned to her previous position on Matt's lap.

She did it in front of Kate and acted so casually.

As if this was normal.

As if Kate was the crazy one here!

"Matt told me that he wants a baby, but you can't give him any because you're barren. So I thought, maybe I could help him," Erin grinned towards her sister. "I don't mind being a young mother. After all, you will take care of me and the baby, right, Sis?"

Kate froze, still trying to process what was happening right now. She could not comprehend how her husband would cheat on her with her little sister, whom she doted on.

"Oh yeah, that's true," Matt added. "Kate recently got a raise, so she's earning a lot more! She'll be able to support both of us and our baby, just like what she always does. She works for us," he said to Erin.

That was sadly true.

Kate was the breadwinner of this family. She was the one who worked nonstop to give a comfortable life for her deadbeat husband, who played games all day, and her little sister, who had just recently graduated and couldn't find a job.

She was the one who worked thanklessly for both of them…

And they cheated on her so casually as a return? Oh, hell no!

Kate darted her eyes toward Matt and yelled again, "I did everything for you and your dream. I become the sole breadwinner for this family so you can chase your useless dream, and this is how you repay me?!"

"Yeah, you owe me this much," Matt replied condescendingly. "You can't give me a child, and I've waited five years for it. You've failed as a wife and as a woman. Let's just will open our marriage now on, I will fuck your sister or whoever I want, and you can do the same. Easy, right?"

"Yup, it's an open relationship, Sis," Erin added. "You can just work hard outside, while I help your husband achieve his dream of being a dad, sounds fair, right?"

"Open relationship…" Kate was so speechless that she didn't know what to say or do.

She wanted to yell and beat them for cheating. They needed to be at least ashamed of what they did.

But Matt and Erin didn't seem to be bothered after getting caught. Matt even boldly claimed that they were in an open relationship without consulting her—no, he shouldn't even think of it as a possibility!

"No, you have NO RIGHT to do this open relationship bullshit! You literally have no money. You can't even afford necessities without my money!"

"What? Just because you have money, now you can control my life?" Matt scoffed. "Come on, you're just doing your job to compensate for your inability to get pregnant. It's a bare minimum from you."

"And what about you, you scum! What's the bare minimum I get from you except having a deadweight as a husband!?"

"Simple, you get to have me," Matt claimed confidently. "I am a healthy, handsome man with a good body and big dick. I'm an actor who'll be famous in the future."

"Besides, I've never hit you before. So I'm the total package."

"He's right, sis," Erin said as she leaned her head on his chest. "Matt is handsome—he's always been handsome, and I've got a huge crush on him since I was young. Meanwhile you—you should look at yourself. You look like an average working lady."

"Because I am a working lady! Unlike you two useless fucks!" Kate cursed them at the same time. She wanted to drench them in gasoline and burn them both, so she could have a good night's sleep and acted like she never had a husband or a sister.

But she still had some rationality left in her.

So she stepped back and clenched her fists to calm down, "I don't want this open relationship bullshit, and I certainly don't care if my deadbeat husband cheats with my equally deadbeat sister. You two can fuck each other on the street!"

"Leave now! Get the hell out of MY HOUSE!"

"Your house? This is OUR house. We're married, remember?" Matt mentioned, thinking that Kate got brain damage because she couldn't accept that he wanted something more than just a walking ATM machine.

"Married? After all of this? HAH!" Kate snorted. "I'll serve you a divorce paper tomorrow. You two will know how worthless you are without me!"

"Divorce?!" Matt's eyes widened. "You want to divorce me?"

"Do you really think I'll keep a useless cheating scumbag like you around? You have no worth in my eyes!"

"Oh no, that's no good, Sis," Erin pouted. She trailed her finger around Matt's abs and muttered, "You shouldn't divorce him, don't you remember your promise to our dying mummy?"

"That—"Kate was reminded of the promise she had made.

"Mhm, you told our Mom that you're going to be a good wife for Matt. She is also expecting you to have a baby soon, because she wants a grandchild," Erin said. "Don't you remember that she has a heart problem? What would happen if she knows that you're divorcing Matt because he's cheating with me?"

"Yep, she'll be dead," Erin sighed. "That's why I'm okay sleeping with Matt. You need a baby to keep your promise. Besides, it's an open relationship, right?"

Kate felt the blood drain from her face as she turned pale. She got so worked up that she forgot about her mother and her promise.

"Also, you need to remember that our parents have been best friends since we were babies," Matt reminded us. "Will you ruin the relationship between our families over a petty thing like this?"

"Don't be so childish, Sis," Erin continued lecturing. "I'm not trying to marry Matt. I'm just having sex with him, and giving him a baby. It's like surrogacy. You can pay me like—a million dollars if you want to claim the baby as yours, and I'll be happy to give it to you."

"Oh, don't forget about our prenup. Don't you remember that we split everything in half even if only one of us is working?" Matt smirked. "Well, guess this apartment is still mine in the end."

Kate could debate no more. It was two versus one, and they kept bombing her with statements that only hurt her heart and confused her mind.

She was still trying to process everything happening in front of her, and how these two tried to gaslight her, acting as if what they were doing was something trendy, something that had been done by many people, and Kate was the crazy one for not accepting this new concept.

"So, still want to divorce me?" Matt asked with a malicious grin on his face. "Think again, Kate."